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Author's profile photo Franz Posch

REFX – Sales-Based Settlement posting using cash flow

This document shows how to proceed to get service-based settlement (SBR) results posted using cashflow.



1. Prequisites


The functionality to post the SBR results using cashflow is available with Enhancement Package 2 for component EA-APPL.

So you need at least have this release implemented.


2. Activate Business Function RE_GEN_CI_1


The functionality is delivered with Business Function RE_GEN_CI_1 which has to be activated in transaction SFW5.


Note: Please check carefully before activating because activation is irreversible.



3. Activate Subfunction XX01


To activate the functionality you have to activate the Subfunction XX01.







4. Add flow type for posting of the result to condition type for Sales-Based rent




Account assignment for flow type 6000 has to be maintained in customizing, also dependant flow type for follow-up due to condition reduction (relation 20) which is needed for correction settlement that leads to reduction of sales based rent.


5. Set flag ‘Post Using Cash Flow’ in contract


A new flag ‘Post Using Cash Flow’ is visible now in the sales rule data of the contract.




6. Effects on Sales-Based Rent settlement


The settlement protocol shows messages that partner-related and object cash flow records are generated.





There is a new report available that shows the generated cash flow items.






7. Cash flow after Sales-Based Rent settlement


Sales-Based settlements creates new entries in the cash flow that are marked with status ‘Special Entry To Be Posted’.




8. Posting using RERAPP


The generated cash flow items are then available for posting with RERAPP.





Screenshots are taken from a system with Enhancement Package 4 but should also apply for all other releases equal or greater Enhancement Package 2.

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      Author's profile photo Bowen Cao
      Bowen Cao

      Use Periodic Posting Run for Posting
      Specifies that the receivables from sales-based rent are posted using periodic posting, rather than using the sales-based settlement.


      Indicator is set ('X')
      When the sales-based settlement is posted, the system adds a plan record to the cash flow of the sales-based rent condition in the amount of the sales-based rent. This plan record can then be posted during the next periodic posting run.
      The result is that you can run reports on the cash flow records of the sales-based rent condition.
      If you want to reverse a posting that was created in this way, you have to reverse the periodic posting run for this cash flow record. It is not possible to reverse the sales-based settlement unless the periodic posting run is reversed first.

      Indicator is not set (' ')
      The system continues to post sales-based settlements directly from the settlement itself.

      Personaly, I think it a very good functionality!

      Author's profile photo Bowen Cao
      Bowen Cao

      Very good!

      Author's profile photo Subbarao Narnei
      Subbarao Narnei

      Hi Franz Posch,

      Excellent documentation related to sales based settlement.It will be more helpful to the REFX users.

      But do you have any idea on using prorata option for the same settlement method.

      Example Requirement is as below :

      If Rent starts at 21-11-2013 and ends at 20-11-2014.

      I want to calculate separate rent for

      21-11-2013 to 31.10.2013 --

      Then after that every month it has to take regular month wise. again in last month  it has calculate

      from - 01-11-2014 to  20-11-2014.

      Kindly advise.



      Author's profile photo Franz Posch
      Franz Posch
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rao,

      there is no specific pro rata calculation, means that the sales report is treated as result for the given period.

      Referring to your example:

      contract start date 21-11-2013

      sales reports

      01-11-2013 to 30-11-2013     1.000,00

      01-12-2013 to 31-12-2013     1.000,00

      sales rule 10%

      sales based settlement calculates sales-based rent

      21-11-2013 to 30-11-2013      100,00

      01-12-2013 to 31-12-2013      100,00

      So there is no pro rata calculation for period 21-11-2013 to 30-11-2013.

      Pro rate calulations can be enabled by implementing BADI_RESR_CALC_RENT, for example as described in the SAP note 1473877.



      Author's profile photo Subbarao Narnei
      Subbarao Narnei

      Dear Franz,

      Well noted your advise with thanks, But with out implementing the BADI_RESR_CALC_RENT, cant we use the PRO RATA  option in RE system??

      Author's profile photo Franz Posch
      Franz Posch
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Rao,

      would you mind to open a new discussion for your question. Please add also some examples to illustrate your requirement.

      Thank you.



      Author's profile photo Subbarao Narnei
      Subbarao Narnei

      Dear Mr.Franz,

      Noted the advise, i will follow up this as a saparate thread. (



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Franz,

      This is a very useful functionality and I have benefitted greatly by your this article.

      I have activated SBR using cash flow,  but the issue is if user forgets to put tick in "post using cash flow" then this functionality will not work as desired.   hence I want to make the field mandatory in SBR contracts.

      I am tring to achieve this via the option of screen layout in contracts in RECACUST.  I guess if I add field group 45 to Screen layout - Field Status, then I can choose the field status of the above field.   the issue is, system is not allowing me to add any new field group. any idea how to  achieve this?

      Author's profile photo Franz Posch
      Franz Posch
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sadhana,

      unfortunately it is not possible to control the field status of this field by BDT settings because this screen layout is fix coded.

      But you can preset the flag in customizing view "Make Basic Settings in Company Code".

      And to assure that it is not ticked off by the user in the contract you can use BADI_RECN_CONTRACT, method CHECK_ALL and implement a check before saving that the flag is still set.

      Hope this helps.

      Regards, Franz

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Franz,

      Thanks a lot for your quick answer.  Tick is basic settings is working fine. The tick is coming automatically in new contracts where SB is activated.

      Will use the badi if needed.  but don't think I will need it.

      Thanks a lot again.



      Author's profile photo Atif Farooq
      Atif Farooq

      Hello Franz,

      Can you please help me on issue

      Sales Based Lease Agreement Issue