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Process Orchestration 7.30 EhP1 Is Now Generally Available

Process Orchestration 7.30 EhP1 (7.31) is now generally available (GA since 16 May 2012) and ramp-up has now ended.  Process Orchestration contains PI, BPM and BRM.  If deployed in a java-only environment, Process Orchestration 7.31 can be installed as a single SID.  In addition, we will be able to take advantage of iFlow, the Eclipse tool, based on BPMN, to configure integration scenarios (which can also be done using the Swing tool of Integration Directory).

In summary, Process Orchestration 7.31 provides the following benefits:

Next generation tooling for SAP NetWeaver PI via Integration Flows

  • Installation in “pure Eclipse”
  • A visual BPMN representation of an integration scenario
  • Modeling based on Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Bringing design-time and configuration-time in PI together
  • Easier to understand and integrate systems

Enhanced monitoring for SAP NetWeaver PI via SAP Solution Manager

  • Central User Defined Message Search (upon payload)
  • New PI Message Alerting with simplified configuration
  • Trend graph representation based on message alerts

Integration Centric Process Support

  • Model-driven development environment based on BPMN standard
  • Leverage SAP NetWeaver BRM for business rules
  • Reduce TCO with single System ID (SID) installation
  • Reliable connectivity between BPM and PI/AEX at lower costs (as an alternative to WS-RM)
  • Enhance mapping capabilities within a BPM process by calling PI mappings (e.g., calling XSLT)

Java only deployment option of PI

  • Functional completeness of the Java stack
  • Support requirements towards the Payment Card Industry standard
  • Message status overview enablement for synchronous (logged) messages

Service Bus Capabilities – Overview

  • Increased Integration Flexibility
    • Java only PI with optional non-central adapter engines
    • Integration with FTP proxy server via File / FTP adapter
    • Logging of synchronous messages
  • Increased Support For Connectivity and High Performance Scenarios
    • Completion of Java IDoc adapter
    • Principal propagation for SOAP adapter (XI protocol)
    • Completion of integration between Java proxies and SOAP adapter (XI protocol)
    • Packaging for receiver SOAP adapter (XI protocol)
    • Parameterized mappings in Integrated Configuration
    • Single action scenarios of B2B adapters in Integrated Configuration
  • Lower TCO And TCD
    • One central ES Repository for multiple PI domains
    • JMS adapter enhancements

Enhanced B2B support

  • Address mainstream EDI capabilities in PI
  • Rapid deployment solutions for building B2B solutions based on PI
  • Support hybrid deployment options for B2B (on premise / managed services)

Additional Information

For additional information on using the Eclipse tool to design interfaces and mappings in the Enterprise Service Repository, please see the blog Eclipse Tool for ESR in NW PI:

For additional information on using the Eclipse tool, iFlow, to configure the Integration Directory, please reference the blog Introducing iFlow in PI 7.31 Configuration:

The NWDS, which contains the Eclipse plug-in tools for ESR and iFlow can be downloaded from SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Update Site:  (Authorization will be required.)

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