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Naming Conventions Service in SAP Netweaver Portal

Configuring the Naming Conventions Service for any Portal Landscape

When creating PCD objects – such as iViews, pages, worksets, and systems – the portal allows administrators to enter any string as the namespace of an object. To facilitate and standardize this procedure, you can define naming conventions service for the namespace used in the content object ID.


In the above screen shot “Folder ID Prefix” field is a free text entry and we need to restrict user from entering any desired value in it.

Create an XML file which contains all the valid namespace for your landscape. Proposed set of Namespace for any client landscape is

·         com.client

·         com.client.pct

·         com.client.pct.roles

·         com.client.pct.ui

·         com.client.pct.iviews

·         com.client.pct.pages

·         com.client.pct.roles.technical

·         com.client.pct.roles.functional

·         com.client.pct.ui.layouts

·         com.client.pct.ui.desktops


·         com.client.pct.transports

·         com.client.pct.twl 

create an XML file say client_namespace.xml and enter the above decided namespaces in xml file in following way.


   <namespace id=”com.client”> 
      <principal uniqueName=”Everyone” typeId=”GROUP”/>

      <namespace id=”pct”>
           <namespace id=”roles”>
                 <namespace id=”technical”/>
                 <namespace id=”functional”/>       
           <namespace id=”ui”>
                 <namespace id=”layouts”/>
                 <namespace id=”desktops”/>       
           <namespace id=”iviews”/>
           <namespace id=”pages”/>
           <namespace id=”systems”/>
           <namespace id=”transports”/>
           <namespace id=”twl”/>             
           <namespace id=”others”/>                      


This file must be placed in the following location


Now go to System administration\System configuration\ select Service Configuration from detailed navigation.


Expand Applications Node and go to\Services\NamingConventionsSrv. Double click this service.

Configure the service according to the following snapshot.


Save the content and close the editor. The service is configured according to our landscape. Now we need to enable this service to accept our changes.

Right click on and select administrate



Now stop the service and start again. Following would be the result


Now the Prefix field is open for text but only to some standard values.

This Blog is applicable to SAP Netweaver portal 7.0 version

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