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Creating and Registering Add-on on SAP B1


I want to share you a simple tutorial, I noticed that some of our fellow SAP developer straggling on how they create a add-on installer.

This video demonstrate you on how you create your add-on and deploy it to SAP B1.

It takes 3mins of your time.

Thing that you should have.

1. Visual Studio

2. You should already installed B1 AddonInstaller(B1DE)

3. AddOnRegDataGen.exe

Or you may used the ExtensionManager to create add-on package that is new in SAP Business 9.1. You may visit here: Creating and Registering add-on package SAP 9.1 ~ Tips and Tricks

This is much easier than compiling your add-on using AddOnRegDataGen.

If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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I don’t know why my video is not showing anymore. You may visit my personal blog if you want.Creating and Registering Add-on on SAP B1 ~ Tips and Tricks   



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  • Hi Bryan,

    Nice tutorial. What was the recording program that you used?

    It seem really nice to highlight the mouse and do the screen zoom.


    Best regards,

    Pedro Magueija

    • Hi Bryan,

      this is good, very new on add-on development and my first experience was with the SDK tutorial which comes with b18.8 installation. Went through the blanket agreement tutorial which I got some insight but it happened to be very vague towards the end especially on packaging and installation, can i get a link for a step by step tutorial for developing add-ons using B1DE, will really appreciate.


      • Hi,

        This tutorial show you on how you compile your add-on using B1DE.

        Just follow the video, I'm sure you will get this. 😉

        Soon, I will create a new video for compiling add-on.

        Please don't forget to rate the blog.


  • Hi Bryan,

    Do we need to make any changes for add-on installers for SAP B1 on demand? At the moment our add-on installers work fine for standard SAP B1 but they don't work in the hosted environment of the SAP B1.  So far I've found very little technical information in this area.

    Regards, Lita

    • @Bryan Gomez

      Dude , Your video is so informative

      but I have some problem during install add on .

      The error is "Add On Executable not found"

      And I'm confused in one thing when u Generate Add On through Add On form so which path is required in "Add On Exe Full Path" ?

      • Hi Zafar,

             The Add-on Exe Full Path came from your add-on source code.

        And the Installer Exe Full Path came from the AddOnInstaller.


        • Hi Bryan,

          This video is helpful, But I still have a question to an Add-on Exe Full Path, How did  the Add-on Exe Full Path come from your add-on source code? which is a file you browsed in "Add-on Exe Full Path"? as it seems the file is not to desktop\ HelloWorld folder, it is in C\Program files\SAP\SAP..........  The path is it this one C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One SDK\Samples\COM UI\VB.NET\01.HelloWorld? if yes, someone who uses his own project which has no folder in SDK\samples which is the file he will browse because there is no folder of his project in SDK\samples... as HelloWorld is?.

          Please anyone can help me.

      • Hi Zafar,

        If you understood the answer of  "Add-on Exe Full Path", can you please help me to understand that? tell me the path or the file which is browsed in "Add-on Exe Full Path".

        Bryan  said that "The Add-on Exe Full Path came from your add-on source code" but still now I don't understand.

        please anyone can help me.

  • Dear Bryan,

         This video is very useful for beginners.But it is for older version.Can you update it for version 8.82. In version 8.82, a new feature i.e. Upgrade Information is added. How to use it ? Can you please include this feature in your video ?

  • Hello,

    1:13 In the Field "Needs UI API" you should put the path to Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll and in the Field "Needs DI API" you should put the path to Interop.SAPbobsCOM.dll if you are going to use it.

  • Soon, I'll post a new video on how to register your add-on using 8.82 version and using Visual studio 2012.

    Stay tune.

    I'm little bit busy now for our project. 🙁


    • Hi Bryan,

      I watch this video, and create the Ard.and try to install it get install success full but i need to add the XML srf form files.



  • hi bryan,

    i create an installer with B1DE 2.2 like your tutorial here.

    but, when i compile the installer in release mode, there is messagebox window, "The installer must be run from SAP Business One".

    i look at the code, this messagebox show because i only have 1 command line parameter.

    do you know how to solve the problem?? please tell me,,

    Note : I have tried to register and instal the addons in SAP B1 8.82, it's succesfull

    but when i start the add ons, the status is always connecting

  • Hii,

    i install B1DE but i not see SAP B1 addoninstaller option in visual basic how to install " SAP B1 addoninstaller " in visual basic 2008.

  • Hi,

    I follow the video the steps and nothing, i get this error: EndInstallEx returned -2

    I´m using Visual Studio 2010 and SAP SDK 8.8 and B1DE.

    also i´m usign the example: VB.NET:  03.SimpleForm for testing my add-on


    • Hi,

      Try to reinstall your SBO Client and B1DE.

      And also, When installing, the installer tries to read several registry values from windows registry.

      Make sure your user id have sufficient right to read the registry.

      And make sure your user id has full access the SAP Business One folder.


      • Hi, Edy,

        The problem was about the windows permissions at the moment to open SAPB1, I just open SAPB1 like administrator and the installation of the AddOn was correctly! and works fine.



  • Hi Bryan,

    I must agree with everyone complimenting the information you are sharing here. Its truly helpful.

    However, with the introduction of the 64-bit SBO 9.0, could you kindly clarify if this same procedure applies? I mean, a new AddOnInstallAPI_x64.dll is introduced with the 64-bit SBO 9.0.

    I am yet to build a successful addon installer for use in the 64-bit SBO 9.0 environment.

    If you could mention something in this regard, I would really appreciate it.




    I posted a question on the SDK forum regarding this - any interested person may visit this link :
    Creating addon installers for SBO 9.0 64-Bit (AddOnInstallAPI_x64)

  • Hello Bryan

    Thanks for the video.

    I want to ask for some help,  we have SAP B1 8.82 PL11  ,  I follo the video but I got an error that tells me about the signature error-  I recompiled, the solution, the setup and regenerate the ard file but not luck. 

    well any help will be apreciated.

  • Is there any procedure on how to create an installer file when the Add-on is made from SAP B1 Studio?

    I mean, what are the files needed, SAPBobscom.dll is file but using SAPBouicom needed to be from MS Visual Studio folder.

    And it always returns Invalid Connection String when it was made to installed in SAP B1.

    Any idea here?

  • Hey Bryan,

    if i use the B1DE Installer project, the AddOnInstallInfo class is missing.

    Is it possible posting the source code from this class so i can go on with my addon project? That would be very nice!

    Many, many thanks!


  • Hi Bryan

    Thank you very much for this helpful video . I follewed every step but when I try to install My addon ,I got a problem telling me "cant create an existing file "

    Ps: Im coding in c#  and I edited UDO is that why Im having this error ?

    Thanks and best regards

  • Does this method works for SAP B1 9.0. Because B1DE only available for B1 versions before 9.0. Also if it doesn't could you show me an alternative installation method for versions newer than 8.8.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Bryan asked some time ago that:

    "I'm having a problem in my add-on. I can add and successfully install my add-on and also I can run after installation. But when I exit my SAP client then log in again. I can't see my add-on in Add-on manager as well in Add-on administration. But when I try again to install my add-on it says that this add-on is already installed. I don't know what's the problem. So what I did is delete it to SARI table and delete all the folder in my SAP folder. But this is not good for the end user."

    The answer was suggested in SAP note 953357, but this note is currently inactive.

    Someone could come up with the solution to this problem?

    Thanks and best regards.

    • Hi, please validate your compiled add-on if it is 32bit or 64bit. There are possible reason that you can't see your add-on once your re-open your SAP Client.

      1. Your add-on is compiled in 32bit but your client is 64bit.

      2. There might be a problem in your database

      3. In-proper installation of SAP B1 client and DI API

      • Thank you for your answer Bryan!

        I managed to find the answer to the problem here:

        Problem after register an Add-On

        But your suggestions are very important with respect to the first, if my Add-On will work on several workstations (Some 32-bit and some are 64 bits) Should I compile the Add-On as "Any CPU"? If I compile as 32 bits should not work just on a 64-bit CPU?


        • What I mean is, 1.JPG

          In the AddOnRegDataGen see the highlight. If the SAP B1 Client is 64bit then check the x64, if the SAP B1 Client is in 32bit then don't check. In your source code and in SAP B1 AddOnInstaller it should be always be x86 in platform.

          • Hi all,

            I have a problem related to an interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll,

            my project1.exe can not have interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll. but in Bin folder there is file of SAPbouiCOM.dll which is not connected to my project1.exe in solution explorer.

            So is it possible to create addon which has not a file of interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll?

            except the file of SAPbouiCOM.dll which is created in Bin folder.

            If not, how can I create interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll which is connected to my project1.exe?.

            Please any one can help me.

          • Hello Rurangwa.

            You must have clear everything from the beginning, Have you seen this video?

            SAP Business One Studio Suite - YouTube

            You create a project in Visual Studio .Net (VB or C #) using the "SAP Business One Studio for Visual Studio" complement. The entire project save it in a folder you located anywhere, then to your generate the installer Add-On, as it explains the video of Bryan, must use 3 folders, the first with the original project, the second with the files generated by "SAP B1 AddOnInstaller .Net Wizard" B1DE and the last is where the .ard file will be saved together with the .BIN files folders from the previous two.

            I hope to help you.


          • Thank you so much Gabriel,

            But if it is possible may I ask you another question?

            I saw that video clearly, and I'm still reading in SDK help center in order to get full information related to SDK of to create addon, Actually we use SAP B1 9.0 PL11.

            So when I convert in 64 bits or 32 bits and build, it's correct, but instead of creating interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll there will be created a file of "SAPbouiCOM.dll" which is not connected to project1.exe. Can you know the problem causes that or how to solve it?./wp-content/uploads/2015/04/imagecc4_683370.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/imagecc1_683367.jpg

          • Hi Rurangwa..

            In the project that tries to convert Add-On, you added the reference to library "SAPbouiCOM"?

            The program works correctly when run from VS .Net before trying to use the AddOn Installer Wizard?

          • Hi Gabriel,

            When I try to build HelloWorld project of SAP b1 SDK\sample\VB.NET\HelloWorld like the video of creating and registering addon, It gives 3 errors

            Those errors are: Type"SAPbouiCOM.Application" is not defined, I'm getting the same error three times.

            How to fix those errors? are they caused by missing references in project? if yes which references can I add in order to handle those errors?

            Please anyone can help me.

          • /
          • Hi Gabriel,

            Thank you so much! it works, Interop.SAPbouiCOM has been found.

            The problem I still have is:

            When I register Add-on I get error message which tells me that The Access to the path  'C:\program files\SAP\SAP Business One\AddOns\HelloWorld\HelloWorld' is denied.


            add-on error.jpg

            If someone knows the solution of this problem can continue to help me.

            add-on error.jpg
          • Hi!

            Follow the recommendations that gives you Ankit Chauhan

            Also I suggest you copy the "Samples " folder ( Where are all the sample programs SDK ) on the desktop or a folder of better access and verify again that you have all permissions on that folder. This helps you have better organized the process of creating 3 folders when generating the .ARD file using the B1DE.

            Greetings .

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