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Basic APO Functionality

Hi experts,

I am new to APO world and I just want to know few basic concepts about it – the input and output of each module in APO.

Module Input Output Engine Effect in ECC / OLTP System (Through CIFing)
Demand Planning Sales Order History Data from OLTP System Unconstrained Forecast or Demand Forecast Models (e.g. Univariate/Seasonal) No effect – No orders etc. are created.
Supply Network Planning Unconstrained Forecast from DP PR, STR & SNP Planned Orders Heuristic/Optimizer/CTM PR, STR, Planned Orders
SNP Deployment Run ATD Receipts & ATP Issues Change the ATP Category of STR Optimizer / Heuristic STR (No change)

Please correct me if I have written anything wrong in the above table.

What i need is :-

What is the “input / output / engines / effect in OLTP system” of other modules like :- PPDS, TLB, GATP.

Please suggest. I guess, this will help to clarify the doubt of many APO freshers.



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