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MRP Controller – Mass Configuration tool


This tool enables the user to perform mass configuration of MRP Controllers. The user can download the template in the form of excel sheet, enter the values and upload the same in the selection screen. The user executes the program/transaction in test run to validate the values entered in the excel sheet. Once verified, the user can execute the program/ transaction in production run mode to update the table T024D with MRP Controllers. The result of this program will when executed either in test run or production run is the ALV display of successful entries and detailed description of errors.

Business perspective

This tool can be implemented in both pre implementation/ rollout and post implementation/ production support scenarios. This tool is most useful where 100s of plants are live in SAP system. This tool can be used to introduce one MRP Controller for multiple plants or multiple MRP Controllers for a plant.

Screen Layout and Execution steps

User will check the radio button “Download the template” and enter the destination path and execute the transaction

Selection Screen:


Template format:

User will enter the respective values in the template as shown below


Output screen:

User then run the transaction in “Test run” mode

If any of the entered values is incorrect then error message will pop up.


If all the input parameters are correct in the template then below screen will come upon execution


Once the “Test run” mode is successful then execute it in Production mode.

Upon execution, go to t024d table and check for entries.


Test run is a must before production run. This is to ensure only correct entries will move to Config table.

Transport Request task must be assigned to the person who is executing the tool. This ensures the SOX compliance.

This tool should be designed to accommodate one Transport Request per run.

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  • Combine all features for Mass Configuration Tool into one document. For example there is another document for Schedule Margin Key and now MRP controller both as MRP relevant master data objects. Also be specific about this Mass Config Tool – is it standard or custom.