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Let me start briefly, why serial number and equipment relevant for Sales.

Serial numbers is used to identify a material uniquely. which can provide an overview for material you have sold to which customers. This you can use externally and internally.

And internally you can use Equipment. The equipment master record contains several types of data like General data, Plant Maintenance data, location data, sales data, Serial number data, Configuration data & Partner data.

Now, we need a report serial number or equipment master for a specific period Goods Issued (GI) Deliveries Document.

So, to get a desired result, we can use following logical sequence.

First, use Table LIKP (SD Document: Delivery Header Data)

Where we can provide GI dates Table-Field LIKP-WADAT_IST (Actual GI Date).as one of input parameter for getting relevant GI Delivery Documents.

As result, you will get list GI delivery documents(Table-Field LIKP-VBELN).

Now, use Table SER01 (Document Header for Serial Numbers for Delivery)

There you need to provide,

Table-Field LIKP-VBELN = SER01-LIEF_NR = Delivery

Here, you will get list of Object list(Table-Field SER01-OBKNR) relevant for GI Deliveries from Table LIKP.

Then, use Table OBJK (Plant Maintenance Object List)

There you need to provide,

Table-Field SER01-OBKNR = OBJK-OBKNR = Object List

Finally, as result you will get:

  • Material (OBJK-MATNR)
  • Equipment (OBJK-EQUNR)
  • Serial Number (OBJK-SERNR)
  • Notification (OBJK-IHNUM)

You can have SAP Query by using following Table to get the desired result.

  • LIKP – SD Document: Delivery Header Data
  • SER01 – Document Header for Serial Numbers for Delivery
  • OBJK – Plant Maintenance Object List
  • LIPS – SD document: Delivery: Item data

Other Serial Number relevant tables:

SER01 – Document Header for Serial Numbers for Delivery

SER02 – Document Header for Serial Nos for Maintenance Contract (SD Order)

SER03 – Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods Movements

SER04 – Document Header for Serial Numbers for Inspection Lot

SER05 – Document Header for Serial Numbers for PP Order

SER06 – Document Header for Serial Numbers for Handling Unit-Content

SER07 – Document Header for Serial Numbers in Physical Inventory

SER08 – Document Header for Purchase Order Item Serial Numbers

SER09 – Doc. Header for Serial Numbers for Purchase Requisition Item

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  1. Former Member


    I am trying to make a query for serial no. data. Is there any way i could also add the customer name and address to the query stated above?

    Please reply


    1. Jyoti Prakash Post author

      Yes, you can.

      Perhaps, you can use table VBPA for partner oin sales doc and subsequently use table KNVV to get the desired partner and get Address number.

      Further, use that address number from KNVV to be address details from ADRC table.

      I hope that helped.

      Regards, JP

  2. venu gopal

    Hi JP Sir ..

    Always Your documentation and way of presentation Good and it is quick learning To others

    Thanks a lot For sharing this document 🙂  


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