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Applies to:

SAP BI NetWeaver 2004s. For more information, visit the Business Intelligence homepage.

Sometimes we transport objects, our transformations and DTP got deactivate in target systems.

It is common to get transformation de-activated after a related transport: either by changing the transformation source, target or a related InfoObject. To overcome with this situation we have solution.

Go to SE38

Execute program/ABAP report : RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE

This program also activates affected DTP.

Go to SE38

Execute program/ABAP report : RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE

This program also activates affected DTP.


Here the fields are mandatory as follows:

Transformation ID : technical name of inactive transformation

Object status : (check the status in table RSTRAN)

Type of source : BW: Object Type (TLOGO)

Source name :  Object Name in Object Directory (technical name of source)

Type of target : BW: Object Type (TLOGO)

Target name : Object Name in Object Directory (technical name of target)

To know the above info, go to table RSTRAN.


The first field TRANID is transformation ID.

We can find the transformation id based on source and target objects. Also the transformation id is same as technical name of transformation.

Once we get all the above details, we can activate the transformation in target systems(also in production). But we should have authorizations for SE38 in target systems.

Lets have a demo:

While moving transport to production, our transformation and DTP got inactive. The person that is responsible for the causing transport should create a new transport with the affected transformation to permanently correct the
Depending on the size and controls of a specific landscape, this can take a while.To do re-transport we need approvals.



In our above example our source and target are DSO.

Now goto table RSTRAN, enter the details


SOURCENAME : Object Name in Object Directory (technical name of source)


TARGETNAME : Object Name in Object Directory (technical name of target)


Now execute.

Now we will have TRANSID : 0TS0ZHOXYIROWS3K4LNKBYWOWVCR6X73 which is same as technical name of inactive transformation.


Now go to SE38: execute program : RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE

Enter the details as you got from table RSTRAN.


And press Execute

You will have the below screen


from the above screen we can transformation and associated DTP got activate.

Click OK.



Now we have activated the Transformation and DTP.

Few more techniques where we can achieve :

  1. Open the BASIS USER system and activate
  2. Double click transformation in RSA1 and select the Menu optionà EXTRASà display generated program and press Ctrl-F3 (but in production we cant go to edit mode to activate the generated program)

But in this case you can only activate the transformation, but the associated DTP you may not be able to load data.

Thank you.

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for sharing, as I was under impression one need to create a abpa program and move to production for activation of DTP.

    Is this something newly introduce, or may be I was not aware.

    So once again many thanks for sharing 🙂



    1. Chandra Janardhansudhir Kunar


      Thanks for the document.

      I have an issue, with 1 field not mapped . Hence i was trying to map it in Dev and the transport it to QA.

      I am able to collect the transport after mapping, in DEV  after transporting , i find the field un mapped in the QA system.

      strangely the Transormation has the the previous change date. ie this transport is not over written in QA.

      please advice .




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