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Software Maintenance

Making Software Maintenance Safer and Easier

In your system landscape, you regularly face the requirement to apply fixes and software optimizations to keep everything running smoothly.

The Software Update Manager (SUM) is THE tool for system maintenance of all SAP NetWeaver based systems.

It applies to

  • Maintenance: applying Support Packages
  • SAP Enhancement Package Installation (System Update)
  • Upgrade (Release Upgrade)

For ABAP systems, the Software Update Manager (SUM) can be used for applying SPs with a reduced system downtime, see this blog Software Update Manager (SUM): introducing the tool for software maintenance for an introduction to the SUM. The SUM is part of the Software Logistics Toolset 1.0, see The Delivery Channel for Software Logistics Tools: “Software Logistics Toolset 1.0” for an introduction on SL Toolset.

For your ABAP systems, you can rely on the proven ABAP Support Package Manager (SPAM) and the Note Assistant. Note Assistant is a tool for handling and implementing particular SAP Notes. It is meant to make the process of correcting small bugs in your system easier.

Getting Started with Software Maintenance

Information is available on SAP Service Marketplace (login required) under the following links:

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  • Hi


    I am using the the latest SUM tool SPS16 patch 03 and opting to provide the profile names including the start profile.



    Enter the file names (without path) of the following profiles:

    But  we have only default and instance profile now a days... i don't have an option to browse and locate.

    Please help me to move forward...



  • Dear Mr Goldstein,

    I'm having some trouble with SUM 1.0 SP18 PL9, on a Win/Sql 2012 server, when I execute STARTUP.BAT confighostagent I receive the message "must be started in "elevated mode" even though I've done this.

    The only SAP Note I was able to find was Note 2138226 and WMI Service is up & running.

    I've already updated SAP Host Agent, SAP MMC, SAP Kernel and MMSJDBC but nothing seems to solve the problem.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!


    Julian Della Torre



  • Hello,

    I tried to upgrade a Sandbox-System (D00) from EHP7 to EHP8. In the phase PREP_EXTENSION/BIND_PATCH I get the message (Equivalence level for start release not reached), that IDEXDE 618 should be an equivalence level 3 but currentLeve is 0. I kept to the note 2294974 and deposited the installation package SAPK-618AGINIDEXDE.

    I tried different SUMs (SP19 and 20) and upgraded SPAM on the sandbox-System, but it still hangs on thuis phase.


    Any advice?

    Best regards


  • Hi,

    I’ve downloaded the latest version of SUM tool SP20, patch 3 and upgraded the host agent to 7.21, patch 27 but the SUM tool isn’t starting for me. I’m using the below command

    ./STARTUP confighostagent SID

    and I’m getting the below error:


    saphostexec is already running (pid=48672). Stopping…-> Start /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec pf=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile <-
    start hostcontrol using profile /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile
    **** SAP Host Agent has been restarted ****
    **** You are using SAP Host Agent version: ****
    **** hostagent release: 7.21 ****
    **** hostagent patch number: 27 ****
    **** Please check the central SUM note and its dependent platform specific SUM note ****
    **** whether this SAP Host Agent version is sufficient for SUM operation ****


    What’s am I missing over here??