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Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Web Channel Experience Management 2.0/3.0

Dear community members,


The implementation of the new SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM) is now simpler that ever before.

The Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for SAP Web Channel Experience Management “B2B-Sales” provides a complete package containing the software, implementation, content enablement and service for a fixed price. Please understand that I am not entitled to share prices in a public community. Please address this question to your SAP sales contact or shop SAP products via > Shop/buy now.


The solution package delivers a B2B scenario of WCEM 2.0/3.0 with an SAP ERP backend using TREX as catalog engine (see combination 3 in the blog “Product Catalog and Backend Combinations“). A B2C functionality can be added within the same scenario very easily by reconfiguring the user logon module.

Please note that the ERP backend provides some limitations to the overall capabilities of SAP Web Channel Experience Management. See the blog CRM vs. ERP – Backend Options and Restrictions for details.


Following the RDS procedure the implementation timeline is reduced down to 8-10 weeks.

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In addition to this blog please check the WCEM WIKI as the central info hub for all WCEM related information.

Also read the SAP Expert Blogs to get first hand information and guidance about SAP Web Channel Experience Management.

The FAQ blog provides answers to important questions.





Dr. Ingo Woesner

Product Manager

SAP Web Channel Experience Management – Rollout

Suite Development – Application Innovation


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  • Hi Ingo

    The RDS Package as specified is for ERP with the TREX as the Product Catalog.

    Is there an RDS available for Option 1 (CRM with MDM) or do you implement the RDS and then manually configure to suit Option 1.


    Arden Stricke

    • Hi Arden,

      I wouldn't recommend to reconfigure the ERP/TREX RDS to a CRM/MDM. You better set all this up from scratch.

      But even better you wait until early Q3 (hopefully July) when the B2C E-Commerce RDS will be released. This comprises WCEM/CRM/MDM.

      In April we held a webinar about the WCEM RDS where the B2C RDS was shown as outlook. You can find the recording in the link given in my blog. You need an S-User to access the document with the links in the SAP Service Marketplace.

      Best regards,