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SRM Organization Structure Defining for multiple company code

Hello All,

We are on SRM 7.0 and implementing plan driven procurement where requirement from ECC system will be transferred to SRM system in the form of external requirement.

The issue we have, in backend ECC system multiple company code and purchase organization exist. Also the Purchasing group are not unique for each purchaser.

For e.g. PGRP (010)  is used by Company code 0101 as well as by company code 0102.

For e.g Purchaser (010) creates a PR for PORG 0101 (assinged to company code 0101) in ECC system

The same Purcahser (010) creates PR for PORG 0102 (assinged to company code 0102) in ECC system

Now in SRM sytem how the routing of PR will happen, as we can only define one purchasing group referring to backend i.e. 010

Also, how the SRM org structure is to be designed considering this requirement?

How many local channel one needs to be created considering the above requirement?


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  • Hi Yatin,

    I am afraid that this is not a document.

    If you have question about this topic, you may start a discussion and our experts from ADM will help you answer this.

    If you want to assign multiple companies to one purchasing group, this can't be realized in SRM organizational structure. However you can set other organizations or company codes under 'responsibility' tab at purchasing group level.

    Hope this helps anyway.

    Best regards,


  • Hi

    In SRM you cannot assign a P.Group to Multiple P.Org or Company Code and I dont think there is any Badi available for it.  Because same issue I had come across and we have done is we had created more p.groups in ECC to one-to-one in SRM, which will be the best approach even as per SAP.  This way you are standardizing ECC as well.