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Start and stop an SAP Central instance : WINDOWS / SQLSERVER part III

This blog follows these ones :

We now deal with the SAP instance startup.

Connect to the server  as user sidadm and do as follows :

SAP services restart :

SQLServer services restart :

You can then use the SQL Server management Studio to restart the database :

Note : the database was previously brought offline. The sidadm user uses the SID database as its primary logon database.

This means you’ll have to logon to the database instance as user “sa” through SQL Server Authentification :

Then you can bring the SID database online :

The database is then up and running.

You can restart the SAP instances using the SAP MMC :

Startup of the Diagnostics agent :

This instance starts instantly.

We start the SAP SID instance :

The SID instance startup can take up to several minutes, especially if you also have an J2ee instance running in case of a dual stack system.

Still you can check the instance startup here :

ABAP part

JAVA part :

Once everything is started correctly, everything should be green :

The SAP instance is then fully started and can be used.

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  • Hi Nice document which will help to every one. Could you please update missing images in document. I feel it will be helpful if u can add part i & iii links at bottom.

    • Not sure if this is just a local problem on my side - I still see some "red cross" indicators - it seems that there are still images missing.

      • Hello Peter,

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