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organisational mgt



i am having a one doubt of org mgt in a method of organising & stafing method ….t e..

when i was created a root organisational unit ,    after that under we created a departments …i created one department like finance,,,, later i go to create another one like sales dep ,firstly select root ,under sales dep …,

but i cant able to see the root oganisation ……..

please tell me ….

my email id is  rajiniamar @gmail .com

please tell & try to send my email id …

thank u one & all…..

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  • Hello

    Firstly what ever the Org unit which it is underneath you have created has some org numbers (the root has a org number) also say some Depatments say finance and sales dept also have org numbers so

    each and every department is also treated as Org unit and for each and every org unit has its org unit numbers

    So goto that dept org number if you cant understand then goto the root org unit with the org numbers you can find it easily your sales dept also other depts

    at SAP EASY ACCESS type PPOME transaction code for maintain and change org unit for organizational and staffing method check with your root name or number easy to find

  • HI,

    In Organization and staffing interface you need to create org units by selecting root org unit and again by selecting departments.  After creating structure have you saved or not?

    If saved go to PPOME screen and on left hand top you have search options, select org unit and search by giving your created org unit.