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Zebra RFID Smartforms ASCII

In our company we have a Zebra R110Xi4 RFID Printer. So I wanted to share how to write RFID from Smartforms. We have SAP ECC6.0

In SPAD I created a new printer with Device Type LZEB2: Zebra label printer 203dpi

The reference for RFID-Printing can be found here: ZEBRA RFID Programming Guide 2

We use a Tag from Avery Dennision EPC Class 1 Gen 2 with Inlay AD-223 – it can story 96 bits = 12 charaters.

The general code for writing RFID in ASCII mode is this:




^FDyour data



According a mail from Zebra support you don’t need the ^XA und ^XZ in smartforms, those are the commandos for start and end of a label.

RS8 is for the tagtype, RFW,A is RFID-Writing in ASCII, FD starts a field, FS ends a field.

So in Smartforms you have to concatenate this:


GV_RFID_COMMANDO is a string.

Then create a commando node and insert this:

attribute name: Z_LZPL_SETUP

attribute value: GV_RFID_COMMANDO

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    • Hi Vinodkrishna,

      Thanks for sharing, it points me how to go with writing RFID from smartforms.

      One question if you don't mind, I set up the code like yours above and print in a TOSHIBA B-EX4T1 printer, it shows error, and got cross stripe printed out.

      RFID writes error.jpg

      Could you advise?

      Thanks in advance.

      RFID writes error.jpg
      • The commands described above are Printer specific and won't work on a None-Zebra model...

        You will have to ask Toshiba if they provide Printer commands for your Version at all.