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LO Cockpit data extraction

This document explains on LO Cockpit extractors and delta queue in LO extraction.

Any new extractor needs to be activated through transaction RSA5 by activate datasource ,you can right click on that data source and activate it or you can see tab for Activate Datasources as shown below. Post activation in RSA5, data source will be available in RSA6 transaction.


For LO Cockpit datasource you also needs to be activate them through LBWE

You can directly do it through LBWE transaction or you can do it through SPRO as shown below.


In LO Data extraction you can see datasources from following modules.


For activating it you need to click on those buttons maintenance, active and you can see those status button green. Once datasource is active, it is ready for extracting data to BW. Any new field you can add it through maintenance option or you can also do it through new includes structure and populate those fields through writing ABAP logic in CMOD.


SM13 – When there is any change in the records it will move to SM13 and we can see those records reflected in the queue as shown below.



LBWQ – As shown below you can see data moves to LBWQ queue in case of LO cockpit extractors.


Once you execute the LIS jobs above records will move to RSA7 queue. Through job control you can schedule the jobs to push data from LBWQ queue to RSA7 queue.

Once data moved LBWQ queue will get empty as shown below. Once new records created or delta records generated you will again see some data in LBWQ.


RSA7 – It reflects delta queue for all the extractors including standard, LO cockpit extractors and generic extractors etc.


Once you execute Infopackage in BI it will create R/3 extraction job and it will pull data from RSA7 to BW into PSA.

Once you execute DTP it will push data from PSA to datatargets.

In LO extractors you can have following three delta update modes.

1.       Direct delta

2.       Queued delta – This is preferred for SD, Purchase extractions

3.       Unserialised V3 update – This is preferred in inventory data extraction.


Set up table – For data loads set up table fill up would require initially for full data load extraction. Once set up table filled and extracted we can have delta load scheduled for LO extractors. So we can have Infopackge with init with data transfer or init without data transfer/full repair load through Infopacakge. Then you can run delta Infopacakge.

SBIW – You can delete the set up table data through Delete the content of set up table as shown below



LBWG – Transaction to delete the set up table data directly. You can select the application type and then delete the data. Say 02 for purchasing,03 for Inventory,11 for Sales and so on.


SBIW – Filling of set up table. You can follow same path and you can see various options under application specific setup of statistical data as shown below.


There are some specific settings application wise without which data will not get extracted into set up tables. For eg in case of purchasing we need to mention Industry sector and transaction key maintenance in BW would require.


Filling up set up tables

Following are the transaction codes which also can be used instead of SBIW option mentioned above. These transactions are defined for each application area. Few of which I have mentioned below.

Purchasing – OLI3BW

Inventory – OLI1BW, OLIZBW

Quality management – OLIQBW

Sales Order – OLI7BW


We can define date and time for set up table fill ups. Based on that it will run for specified duration of time. You can provide specific selections like SD documents range or company codes, sales organization etc. You can also have parallel jobs running for filling one single set up table based on various ranges.

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