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How to change/delete records in SAP using debug mode

Dear All,

Let me remind you how to do some “cleaning” stuff in ABAP tables.

Some of you would cry “Mate, it is not recommended by SAP!!! Never do it!!!!” 😡

And I would reply them – “Relax and do not worry. The doctor knows what to cut”)) 😛

Let’s play in QA system (learn and practice in QA, after that you would use PROD)

If you have an authorization for debugging please follow my steps below:

I am based on fact that you already know WHICH record to fix.

(The table below is taken as example)

1.    Run SE11 for your particular table and find out your particular record. I usually use the Table Contents – Display :


2.    Type /h  and hit ‘Enter’


1.     3.   Make sure the debugging mode is switched on:



4. Hit ‘Enter’ again

5. Get the next debug screen.   Double click on word code and get the ‘Variables1’ tab populated:


6. Click on Pencil to get the Edit mode:


7. Now type the ‘magic word’ what you need.

for edition it is EDIT

for deletion it is DELE

(some other parameters also exist)

we are currently doing EDIT (and going to change the record):


8. Hit Enter and F8 :


9. And system will open the record. Fix it and hit Save :


10. The record after our edition:


11. If you mneed to delete the record please use the code DELE (I have taken another record for that) and hit F8:


12. system offers to delete record – confirm it:


and issues the following:


Now refresh your table contents and make sure the changes/deletions have been done.

Nothing special, just some technical tricks. You can talk to abaper to clarify that.

Please remember.

The debug mode is your own risk. You can damage data or even lost it.

Good luck




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