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Dear All,

Let me remind you how to do some “cleaning” stuff in ABAP tables.

Some of you would cry “Mate, it is not recommended by SAP!!! Never do it!!!!” 😡

And I would reply them – “Relax and do not worry. The doctor knows what to cut”)) 😛

Let’s play in QA system (learn and practice in QA, after that you would use PROD)

If you have an authorization for debugging please follow my steps below:

I am based on fact that you already know WHICH record to fix.

(The table below is taken as example)

1.    Run SE11 for your particular table and find out your particular record. I usually use the Table Contents – Display :


2.    Type /h  and hit ‘Enter’


1.     3.   Make sure the debugging mode is switched on:



4. Hit ‘Enter’ again

5. Get the next debug screen.   Double click on word code and get the ‘Variables1’ tab populated:


6. Click on Pencil to get the Edit mode:


7. Now type the ‘magic word’ what you need.

for edition it is EDIT

for deletion it is DELE

(some other parameters also exist)

we are currently doing EDIT (and going to change the record):


8. Hit Enter and F8 :


9. And system will open the record. Fix it and hit Save :


10. The record after our edition:


11. If you mneed to delete the record please use the code DELE (I have taken another record for that) and hit F8:


12. system offers to delete record – confirm it:


and issues the following:


Now refresh your table contents and make sure the changes/deletions have been done.

Nothing special, just some technical tricks. You can talk to abaper to clarify that.

Please remember.

The debug mode is your own risk. You can damage data or even lost it.

Good luck




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  1. Former Member

    Hi PIPO,

    thanks for posting such a wonderful document .Can you define the process in brief how to change the entries through SE16 N.


    1. Former Member



      First of all , if you want to change the data in Table level ,you have to some authorizations for changing data in SE16 or SE16N .


      If you dont mind , please have a look into below document . I have created this document in one of the my earlier project .







  2. Jürgen L

    Such kind of documents should be treated like cigarette boxes. At least 30% of the size should clearly indicate “….can cause serious damage to the health of your SAP system”

    I would estimate that 5% of the issues reported in some forums are caused by those doctors who get the information from such a document instead of having studied for some years like other doctors.


    And the auditors know about such activities as well, hence in the most big companies debugging in production systems is disabled,  and in case debugging is allowed then at least changing values is restricted.

    1. Former Member

      Jurgen ,


      You are really great .( I have spent some time with my auditor also ). In one  Asset Issue ,he should not agree with this type of activities to do in PRD . Finally , we management convinced to him to do this in PRD .He said only one thing as ” this should not a way to write off your Issues in PRD ” .


      Any way , I appreciate you Jurgen like above very Good Explanation .





    2. Former Member

      Hi Jurgen,


      Very good point. I am currently playing a SoX control owner for my client ERP system along with my SD consultant role. At any cost we don’t allow consultants to do the debugging in PRD. If at all they have to do then system owner has to provide the approval with wet signature.


      Playing with data that to in PRD is absolutely violation of controls. We don’t even provide access to PRD for ABAP team. For functional its just display of SE16 or SE16n.


      @Others: You may use the above information for your knowledge sake. You can’t definitely try in PROD.


      Regards, Sai Krishna.

    3. SP RO Post author

      Mate, that is just your opinion


      I am happy that people can do things like this helping their users

  3. Former Member

    Dear PPIO,


    By above method you can also edit the primary keys in the table. for which use the code if code = “ANVO”  so that primary keys will also be in edit mode and you can very well change the partner etc.


    Even With ANVO you can retrieve the deleted data…Its really awesum.



    Saher Mohammed.

  4. Former Member

    Hello Dear,


    I must say that this is a very good initiative taken by you to provide such a dangerous information and how to process it…..

    Well I already knew about it and that is different story…..but other my not..!


    But i have one very crucial question regarding the deleting something from tables…..!


    IS IT LEGAL…..?


    What i feel is that it is not legal and not recommended to any one, just like pros and cons discuses by other users here..


    So my question is open for all.



    Parag Pandya


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