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Currency symbol display in Bex Query 7.0

   Business Scenario:

   Bex Query is showing all values perfectly and balance amounts with its proper currency key, but higher management and reporting user wants balance      

   amounts/Key figures with its currency symbol for all the Bex queries.

   Query Output with standard design option:

   The Query output with default setting for currency ;

   Sample query:


  Currency key is appearing after values of amount key figure.


  Report requirement

  Reporting user wants query output with currency sign before values of amount key figure as shown in below image:



   Procedure to be followed:

  Execute transaction code – SPRO, SAP Project Reference Object

   Execute SPRO transaction code in BW system, this transaction code is mainly used to configure the setting as per your client requirement by using the

   standard setting present in the system and also used for making necessary customizing in the system for the Key data structure and Configurations.  

   SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> SAP NetWeaver -> Business Intelligence->Settings for Reporting and Analysis.



   Settings for Reporting and Analysis

   Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> General Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> Set Alternative Currency Display



  Click on /wp-content/uploads/2012/05/clip_image008_99512.jpgto set Alternative Currency Display; it will pop up a caution message.

  Caution: The table is cross-client; this message serves to warn you that each change you make will have an effect on all other clients in the system. Click on 


  Click on “New Entries” tab and maintain Currency symbol against currency key as shown in below image and then click  save button/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/clip_image010_99514.jpg


  1.  Currency: enter currency keys.

  2.  Alt. text (Alternative text): enter currency symbol for its relevant currency key.

  3.  Before/After Value: option decides how currency symbol (alternative text) will appear with value in Bex query.

     e.g. If Currency key is EUR then value outputs for

Before value: € 1000 (€ displayed in front of the numeric value)

After value: 1000 € (€ displayed after the numeric value)

  Note: SAP Standard settings:

          1. All currencies are displayed in accordance with the ISO norm by default, and appear after the numeric value,


          2. DEM is displayed as DM,

          3. USD is displayed as $ in front of the numeric value,

          4. GBP is displayed as £ in front of the numeric value.        

  Query output



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  • Nice Work Avinash......clearly explained and very useful information, can be used in any BI project.

    Qu : Is this setting is user specific or applicable to whole system ?

           Is it possible to capture it in transport request to move to different environment ?

  • can we make this setting applicable to only a particular report ? so that the rest of the reports can have a normal EUR,USD type it possible ?

  • Nice document Avinash and great explanation.  I believe SPRO is a system setting, so it will have a global impact on that particular system. But would there be an easier way to achieve this only for certain queries, as asked before by Vivek here ?


      Manohar. D

    • Hi Manohar and Vivek,

      Thanks for your feedback..!

      Yes, SPRO is global level setting and it will be applicable for all queries in that particular system.

      I don't think there would be option to set this setting only for certain queries. but still have to explore if there is any query specific work around.



      • Just a random thought in the same line... In SPRO when the settings are changed, they are for sure saved in an underlying table, so if this table is figured out and an exit is used for the specific queries to convert the symbols back to their names referring to this table, then this might be achievable to have certain queries with display independent of the global settings. Hope SAP has given us a place to write this exit just to address the display of the report.


          Manohar. D

  • Hi Avinash,

    Very nice information. Thank you for sharing. I checked in my system that in this configuration I don't have any configured item, though, in reports I see some currencies before and some after the value. Do you have any idea why that happens?

    Thank you very much.