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BI mobile for Dummies (2 of 3)

We reviewed basic concept of mobile solutions of SAP in my last post.
Let’s see how to implement BI mobile and explorer solution for Ipad in this post.

Here is the overall architecture of BI mobile solution.

As you can see, it needs SAP Business Object BI Enterprise solution as a server.

If you have SAP BOE BI platform, only thing you need to do is install Web App servers using WAR files.
If you don’t have SAP BOE BI platform, you need to check the PAM (Product Availability Matrix) in the SAP service market place.
Here is the screen shot where you can find the PAM. It will help you find other solutions of SAP product.


You can find detail information in the PAM but here is the short summary of prerequisites for running BI mobile.

     <SAP BOE Server>
            Version: BI 4.0 SP02 or XI 3.1 is SP4 or higher

            *NOTE: A couple of BI mobile functions will not be supported with XI 3.1.

     <Application server with Webserver>
            SAP Web Application Server v7
            Tomcat v5.5 or higher version.
            Websphere v6.1.0.7

It may not be suitable to explain how to install SAP BOE platform in this post but if you install it in a single sandbox using installation file,it will be easy to do.
(I did it myself using installation file in windows server and it is REALLY easy to do!)

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind If you install SAP BOE platform in Windows server, 

1. IIS web service should be disabled. BI mobile is using Tomcat webserver so if you want to use basic port for service, it should be disabled.

2. Need to install .NET 3.5 and Windows installer (Microsoft KB959209 and KB967190 needs to be installed.)

3. When you install .NET 3.5 into Windows 2008 R2, you may get below error message.


   This error message can be solved using Windows 2008 R2 server manager (start -> administrative tools -> server manager)
   Then add .NET 3.5 features as below screen shots.




Ok, let’s assume you have SAP BOE platform. what is the next step?
You need to install WEB APP application for BI mobile.

Here is a one big thing that you need to know, As of version 4.1 of BI mobile server, it only can be installed on Windows server.
Of course, SAP BOE platform can be installed other O/S like Unix or Linux but Mobile WEB APP server only can be installed on Windows server.

Installing WEB APP application is really easy because only thing you need to do is deploying WAR files in the Tomcat web application folder.

Here are steps that you should do.

     1. Stop tomcat service
     2. Find WAR file from BO installed folder
     3. Copy it to WebApps folder of tomcat

     4.Verify configuration as below screen shot

     5. Restart tomcat service

     6. Verify mobile app server is running using below URL.If everything was setup properly, you will get ‘Success’ message as below screenshot.


Now you installed BI mobile APP Web server so it is time to download BI mobile application from Apple’s app store.
after you go to app store, just type “SAP” and select “SAP BusinessObject Mobile” apps.
Icon should be same as below screen shot.


In addition, you can download ‘Explorer’ app at the same time.


Here is a thing that you need to keep in mind.
As we saw in the first picture of this post, ‘Explorer’ needs additional service in the server.
Therefore, you should install additional ‘Explorer’ server on top of SAP BOE platform.
Installation is a kind of piece of cake because it is an additional component so only thing you need to do is
just click setup.exe under DATA_UNITS\Explorer_win folder and provide password and select correct SIA service.
(SIA: Server Intelligence Agent; user can distinguish each different server node using this.)

Note: Unlike the mobile WEB APP server, Explorer server can be installed on Unix O/S.

For installing on Unix server, please check “xi4_exp_install_en.pdf” document in the SAP Service Market place.

Here are some screen shots for installing Explorer Server on windows server.



Ok, now we have done everything for using BI mobile and Explorer.
We will review how we can create Webi report and explorer for mobile device in my next post.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear James.

      Its a nice post...

      I am trying to install Mobile apps in our organization.I found your post.

      according to your post I am unable to find the MobileBI service .WAR file in the particular path.How can i get the WAR file .kindly suggest.

      Thanks & Regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Satish/James

      I did a full install(server tools) of BI4.0 SP4 and applied SP5, i also don't find the MobileBIservice.WAR file in the installation directory. Hope by now you have figured out the solution. It would be great if you could share the solution and helpful to SAP community as well. Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi James/ Satish

      I have read one of the blogs for configuring Mobile setup for Ipad/iphone BI4.0, the document in the below link says to install SP3 before updating to SP5, but i did SP4 Full installation and applied SP5. My question is since i haven't applied SP3 is causing the issue for missing MobileBIService.war file in the installation directory. Please advise me. Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Daniele Tiles
      Daniele Tiles


      We've installed a SAP BO BI 4.2 SP3 Patch 4 on a new windows machine. Everything (SIA and Tomcat) is on a single machine. We'd like to expose the less possible services, but we'd be glad to be able to access to the Mobile (we aren't interested in the Explorer, just the app).

      So, at the moment we've got this strange behaviour: we can connect via https if we write the name or the IP of the machine, but not the URL defined for the web. Consider that we've exposed just these services







      The CMC isn't exposed on the Internet, and so the port 6400 (which shouldn't be a problem, by what I saw on your schema). So I don't get what isn't working... any idea of all the services we should expose?