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HowTo Guides – Subscription & Notification with SAP NetWeaver Gateway – Series

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  • Hello andrew,

    I have followed the tutorial for ios and I am able to recieve the ODP notification.In the sample code,once the notification is recieved,an alert box is displayed. Can you please explain how can I get only the Content part only from the Notification Data.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Priya,

      I have not checked this thread for a long time apologies.  There should be an object model that the notification is parsed into from which you can interrogate and retrieve the payload which could then be parsed into another entity if you have the whole object passed back.  Otherwise it is only meant to act as a key from which you could then go and look up once the application is in the foreground.


  • Hi Andrew ,

    We are implementing a project for a big FMCG customer using the Netweaver gateway and end device would be android phones. The customer here don't want to invest in SUP and he needs Push to be implemented.

    We are successful in implementing the push mechanism in gateway but the catch is we are not able to send the packets to GCM for receiving notifications. I can see the xml response in http listeners.

    Kindly help us in resolving the above requirement.

    Thanks and Regards


    • Hi Rakeshkumar,

      Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately I am no longer working in mobility and now concentrating on HANA. Although in your requirement you mention that the http post is created but cannot be sent to the GCM provider.  This is the benefit of using SUP as it queues the notification and sends to various messaging providers subject to your configuration.  In this case GCM.  You have two choices in my opinion.  Push or Pull.


      This is what you are attempting at the moment and to achieve this you will need to implement the logic that SUP does natively.  This is the Notification acceptance, translation and final GCM HTTP Post.  How you do this is up to you and maybe it could be a workaround by implementing some middleware capabilities.  Although you could argue that this would complicate the architecture unnecessarily.  Anyway you know what you have to do.  Gateway is just http posting the notifications to an endpoint and you have to get it GCM in the right format etc etc.  The links below would give you an understanding of what you must implement yourselves:


      Although this is not notification in the push sense it still allows you to pull the notifications from gateway and then trigger client behaviour appropriately.  Check out the link below and see if it is appropriate.

      Hope it helps.