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Change of resource in time ticket process order confirmation

Dear friends in this PP forum,

I would like to share this document regarding change of actual resource used in production during phase confirmation. This will be useful if you already released the orders, but due to some machine break down switched the production to an alternate resource. Many of you might be knowing this and can be useful for beginers in PP module. I request you to read this document and share your valuable inputs and also rate this document if found useful.


Using the below mentioned configuration settings, it is possible to change the resource in order confirmations. The actual resource confirmed will be available in order information report. Standard value parameters and activities will be confirmed based on the actual resource and activity cost will also be updated in process order. Configuration involves the creation of single screen entry confirmation profile and assignment of parameter ID in user profile.

Business Scenario:

In a tire industry Banbury mixers and intermix mixers are used to prepare the tread rubber compound by mixing natural rubber with ingredients like chemicals, carbon black and oil in a specific ratio. Banbury mixers are very efficient mixers to mix larger volume of rubber compound in lesser time compared to Intermix. But the quality of rubber compound is better in Intermix compared to Banbury due to the design of Rotors and the chamber. Considering the productivity usually production is scheduled in Banbury mixer (BANB) and process order is created and released for this resource BANB. But due to rotor blade failure rubber mixing is switched to the alternate resource Intermix (INMIX) and actual confirmation has to be booked against the intermix resource. Below mentioned combination of configuration settings and transaction data will help us to understand the mapping of this production scenario in SAP without any need for custom development.

Configuration Settings

SPRO –> Production planning for process industries  –> Process Order –> Operations –>Confirmations –>Single screen entry –>Define single screen entry (OPK1)

Creation of new single screen entry confirmation profile:


Assign the personal details table in the details area and give the pushbutton text as Actual resource and select the check box as closed. Because this tab is only required when there is a breakdown of the primary resource and production is shifted to alternate resource after the scheduling and release of process order.


Master data Settings

Assign the single screen confirmation profile in the user profile (SU3) under the tab Parameters for the parameter ID CORUPROF:


Primary resource is defined in CRC1:BANB


Also maintain Alternate Resource Intermix: INMIX in CRC1

Process flow steps

  1. Process order is released with the Primary resource BANB after checking the material and capacity availability in COR2 transaction.


2.     Process order time ticket confirmation-COR6N:

Here Resource field is grayed out and will be defaulted from the process order phase and cannot be changed in this screen.


3.     Under the actual resource tab Resource number is defaulted from the phase and can be changed to the actual resource utilized in production. And based on the actual resource activity type will also be changed and actual values can be recorded for production. Here in this scenario activity type remains the same and only duration for the operation changes. Planned duration is 15 min and actual duration due to Intermix is 25 minutes.



4.     Process order information system report: COOISPI

Select the list as Confirmations and enter the order number in the selection input.


5.     Actual resource confirmed is displayed in report output:


6.     Process order confirmation display: CORT


Planned resource for confirmation and actual resource confirmed are displayed.



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      Author's profile photo swathi rege
      swathi rege

      It was really helpful. But Please help me understand how the alternate resource got selected automatically in time ticket confirmation screen?

      Author's profile photo Srini Ravindra Kumar Pandi Gurusamy
      Srini Ravindra Kumar Pandi Gurusamy

      Thanks for the good info Rijil.

      As pointed out by Swathi Rege better to add details in process flow step3.

      swathi rege

      The confirmation profile ZNLX defined has detail areas 0215 through 5420.

      5420 is the 'Actual Resource' tab in screen that has resource plus posting date.

      System proposes BANB and is editable and we change it to INMIX and confirm.

      Author's profile photo swathi rege
      swathi rege

      Thanks Srini Ravindra.. so just to confirm, alternate resource is not selected automatically by selection condition, but selected/entered manually in the time ticket confirmation screen.



      Author's profile photo Srini Ravindra Kumar Pandi Gurusamy
      Srini Ravindra Kumar Pandi Gurusamy

      Yes Swathi rege. That is my understanding too. We will wait for the document owner Rijil to confirm also.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Swathi,

      Somehow I did not receive any updates for your comments. Resource selection is done manually. This is useful if we need to change resource after releasing of production orders
      due to machine breakdown or some other reasons. I do not know any corresponding field in confirmation BAPI to do this.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Rijil,

         Your document is very helpful  for beginners. But I couldn't  understand one point you mention that duration of operation was changed from 15 Min. to  25 Min. How it is changed & where did you maintained that duration specific to workcenter BANB- 15 & INMIX-25 ?

      If you want to show it can be change manually then it is OK, but as per my knowledge it is not changed automatically.

        Also thanks for sharing document keep updating such basic document .



      Author's profile photo swathi rege
      swathi rege

      We are doing bapi confirmations on the shop floor. Is there a input parameter for actual resource in the BAPI so the user can pass the actual resource and I can map it to the field?