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Part 1 of the document showed creating the project, relational connection and the data foundation.  This is a continuation of that document.

Create a new Business Layer



Click Next


Now select the Data Foundation



Click OK


Click Finish


This is where you will want to create/update more user-friendly descriptions of the fields.


Now you will create a query to test your universe



Execute Query


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Tammy,

    Thank you for posting this tutorial. I have a question regarding how the list of values are populated for the import values that are mandatory in the SFLIGHT bapi. Here is a screenshot I get in the Data Foundation step. BAPI_SFLIGHT_IMPORT.png

    I am not sure how to provide a list of values so that these can become prompts. I do get data in the business layer if i create a query and I hard code these values to FromCountry = DE FromCity = Frankfurt ToCountry = DE ToCity Berlin. When trying to provide a custom list of values I tried to provide Select COUNTRY From SGEOCITY table in ECC that is part of SFLIGHT but IDT does not recognize the table with my connection. Any tips on this or would I be better served in learning more about IDT as it applies to ECC?

    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi Jon – I am not a BAPI expert (sadly) and now I see what you are doing.  I recommend posting this as a separate new discussion to get more expert help so others can see.  I will try to think about this but for faster response I recommend creating a new discussion thread.

      1. Former Member

        Thanks for your response. I will create a new discussion. Just curious when you created your objects did you see that dialog when trying to view the data of the BAPI? I am wondering if this may be an issue with my authorization in ECC or if my lack of knowledge of the IDT is my issue. When you provided the query filter in your test query did you just know the values to hard code or did you get a list to choose from?

  2. Former Member

    i created an universe based the above steps and working correctly and i create webi report based it and it work correctly local but when save this report on bi lanchbad and trying refresh it i recieved the below error.



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