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Steps to Creating a Universe against SAP ECC (BI4 Feature Pack 3) Part 1

Starting in BI4 Feature Pack 3, you can create a universe against the SAP ERP/ECC back end.  Follow the steps below.

For more detailed information and background I recommend Ingo Hilgefort’s Integrating SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.x with SAP NetWeaver

Start > Programs > BusinessObjects > SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0 > SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform Client Tools > Information Design Tool

Create a new project for ERP Universes

Create a new project



Click Finish

Right click on project and select New > Relational Connection


Give the connection a name


Select SAP > SAP ERP 6 > SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo)



You will want to test the connection to make sure it is successful.

Click Next


In the function name wildcard field, enter BAPI_SFLIGHT* and click finish (this example will use the SFLIGHT ABAP examples)

Right click on new connection and click publish to repository


Create a new Data Foundation


Add the tables




You may be prompted to log on to your connection


Insert your table


Create a new Business Layer – see part 2

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  • Hi Tammy,

    Today I tried this connection in IDT with BO version 4.0 SP5.

    1. First I can get the Infoset and SAP Query in IDT connection and Data Foundation.

    2. Then I created some new Infoset and SAP queries in ECC side

    3. and I refresh the connection in IDT, but I can't read those new created InfoSet or SAP queries,

    I don't know why or missing anything.

    Could you help me on this or could you give me some tips that why I cant read the updated infoset in IDT?



  • Hi Tammy,

    Are there any performance concerns when connecting directly to SAP?  I have experienced some serious performance issues during data extractions from SAP into a BOBJ DW and am considering the above approach as an alternative.  Specifically, is there any concern with connecting to a transactional database, or is that risk mitigated by accessing an InfoSet instead of the transactional tables (e.g. VBAP) directly?  I am worried about the hit to the SAP system through this type of connection.



    • You should always consider performance - and if you are using an ECC InfoSet as your source then I recommend always running the InfoSet natively in ECC before running it through the universe.

      On the whole I recommend using small amounts of data.

      • Thanks for your reply Tammy.  I agree that using small(er) amounts of data is preferred but there are some instances where it cannot be helped.  I suppose I was wondering if you could speak from experience whether or not there are performance issues that arise from connecting to a larger ECC InfoSet.  Are there any special considerations that need to be made when taking this route?  I suppose I am trying to better understand what scenario would necessitate this method of connectivity to your SAP data.


        • To be honest we do not allow any performance issues to make it to production.  If the InfoSet cannot be run in dialog mode in ECC in a test environment, it is not sent to production (therefore no universe)

          You can use this scenario for real-time operational reporting and it is convenient to see the "business layer" of the universe which makes it easier for users to report on rather than native SAP ERP tables.

          • I love this statement  "we don't allow performance issues to make it to production" ūüôā

            this truth just makes so much sense, but to operate like this is seemingly to breathe a rare & elusive oxygen!

  • Hello everyone and happy new year,

    Please, when connecting to an abap infoview, select-options are supposed to by inherited as parameters to filter the data shown in report, aren't they?

    This is my case, I need to filter records according to values entered in select options (as I do when executing the query built from the infoset) but I can't find this parameters in my Data Foundation.  What am I doing wrong?  Or what have I to do to send values from the IDT to the infoset or the query to filter records?

    I succesfully created a corresponding data foundation for each source but no luck with parameters.

    Thanks in advance


  • I Followed the steps for creating the universe.  It was going fine till I create the Business Layer.  For me the Business Layer is empty.  It is not displaying any Table fields.  Does this means that I am missing any authorizations.. Please let me know..

    Many thanks,


    • Yes, you will need access to ERP tables to do this. You can also do an SU53 on the ERP backend to check the missing authorizations.

      • Thank you Tammy for the Response.. Yes I have authorizations for the SAP tables..I am able to see the data for these tables in SE11 and BAPI function modules in SE37.  I tried, many times.. The Business Layer is not having any contents.

    • Hi Asha and Philip

      I am facing the same problem where business layer is coming blank. I have executed the codes SU53, SE37, SE11 and all are giving accurate results in in function module. The Business layer is not displaying any table though I can see the data in data foundation layer.

      Please suggest.

  • From what I can see it is currently not possible to create a Universe directly against base (transparent) ECC tables. Is that correct? Are the only options Infosets, Queries, and functions?

  • Currently we have few universe created with ECc system and we are planning to migrate ECC to on HANA do we need to worry anything here ?

    do we need to redesign universe with ECC on HANA ?

    • Saleem - I am not an expert in these areas, so I recommend creating a new question at

      On the surface, if you have HANA, why not report against the HANA views?  Is the universe still needed?  Performance may be faster without it.

  • Tammy Powals - That is our road map. But we have some BO reports runs through¬†universe from CRM and we planning migrate CRM on HANA. So we planning to move¬†universe connection so that these report will not break on go-live.