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SAP NetWeaver Gateway trial version of Duet Enterprise

You probably know about the NetWeaver Gateway Trial version which you can download from SDN. Now, the very same thing is also available for Duet Enterprise.

Over the last few months we already offered this package in a beta phase and incorporated quite a lot of feedback. Now we think it is time to offer it to everyone.

Since Duet Enterprise is a joint product we teamed up with Microsoft and can offer you now the full package: A SharePoint 2010 Server that is configured with Duet Enterprise, Office 2010 connected and of course a fully configured SAP NetWeaver Gateway system. All available as a Hyper-V virtual machine which should make the installation pretty simple.

Unfortunately we cannot ship an ERP system as well, but you can connect this configuration either to your local ERP system, or we are also working on making a connection to the Enterprise Service Workplace possible.

Since you still want to see something, we have preconfigured some Reports and one Workflow on the Gateway system itself so you can test this right away in SharePoint.

We hope that the most complicated thing is to download the software itself. After that it is just starting up the virtual machine and running some scripts (all explained in a screen-shot rich documentation.

To start, just follow the documentation here and download the software from here:

After downloading all these files make sure you follow the steps outlined in the document mentioned above.

Currently the version is still NetWeaver 7.02 SP09 with Gateway 2.0 SP02 and Duet Enterprise 1.0 Feature Pack 1. However, we are already working on an updated version with NetWeaver 7.02 SP11 running on SQL Server 2012, Gateway 2.0 SP04 and the latest Service Pack of Duet Enterprise 1.0 Feature Pack 1.

For support, please do not create a ticket with SAP, but post your questions on the Duet Enterprise forum on SDN.

Any feedback or ideas for improvement is very much welcome – just let us know.

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  • Hi , I followed all the steps till

    "You will require a license for the SAP system which can be requested

    from, but this can only be done after you have installed the SAP system"

    but I can never log correctly into the sap as license is incorrect , and I can't get a new one as Hardware ID is always empty

    I'll really appreciate if you can help



    • Hi Emad,

      the first time you log in you have to log in using user SAP*. Can you take a look at the documentation mentioned above? In the chapter "Install a new Demo License" (almost at the end) the required steps are outlined.



      • Hi Holger ,

        Thanks for quick reply , I did as the document says page 61 . but when it comes to obtaining a new license as per page page 62 the field "Active hardware key" is empty



  • Hi Holger,

    Great article! Thanks for your time and effort for this. Went thru your guide and I was able to create my Duet Ent environment successfully. There are some gotchas here and there but in general your documentation is very close to perfect!

    Can you please also provide some guidance on how to connect this configuration to a local ERP system? As a next step, that would be very helpful.


    Oz Demirel

    SharePoint MVP

    • Hi Oguz,

      sorry for the late reply.

      Actually connecting to your local ERP is fairly simple. First you have to create a second network adapter on the VHD which is connected to the outside world (probably using DHCP). After that you have to create a new RFC destination to your local ERP system and follow the “standard” configuration of Duet Enterprise (e.g. create a system alias that uses the new RFC destination; assign this system alias to a scenario (e.g. workflow, reporting, starter services, …); assign users to it (if required…) and it should work…)

      I know of some customers who exactly have done this already.

      Let me know if you run into any issues.



  • Dear Holger,

    we are trying to implement Duet enterprise 1.0 FB 1 but our scope is out of the standard features so we were wondering if you can recommend somebody to perform the implementation . the mother company is located in Greece and the implementation is located in Cairo Egypt.

    Please we need your help since we tried to do it locally and we actually succeeded to do the same exact example in the developer guide for the FB 1 (screen scraping) but failed to do it for any other scenarios.

    Thank you


    • Hi Sam,

      are you looking for someone who could help you onsite?

      Otherwise you could also try to post your question in the Duet Enterprise forum.

      Can you send me an email to discuss more details? I am sure we can try to find a consultant who should be able to support you.



      • Hi Holger

        Thank you for your reply and yes we need someone who can help us onsite to implement the duet. you can contact us on the following mail address ( we appreciate your help and will be waiting your contact via mail.


        Ahmed Raafat

    • Hi Marc,

      we do not have a trial for Duet Enterprise 2.0 yet. As soon as there is an update on this, I will let everyone know 🙂



  • Hi Holger,

    Sorry to bother, I'm trying to install the system to give it a try, but the links for the second VM are not working, and I'm having a horrible time trying to set it  up from scratch my self.

    Is there any chance that you upload the VM again, into some server? (I've already contacted Microsoft but not response yet)

    If not possible, could you tell me the needed configuration in the server?

    (roles to install, services to install, network configuration and addresses, SQL server config, etc)

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Sergio,

      do you have issues downloading all parts of the Windows 2008 image or just a specific one?

      Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload this VM again, but I will reach out to Microsoft as well and see what can be done-



      • Hi Holger,

        I'm cannot download any of the parts.

        All of them fail, redirecting me to a "page not found" error page.

        Thank you. Hope you can do something 🙂

        Kind regards,


    • Hi Yogesh,

      I know... Sorry! I have already reached out to Microsoft to get this resolved. As soon as I have an update I will let all of you know.



      • Hi Hogler

        Thats ok, appreciate your efforts. The blog is also quite informative thanks for that.

        I am planning to go ahead and take on duet and do the entire configuration. Questions I have are

        1.  Would Duet work with IDES ECC 6.0

        2. Would Duet work with Solution Manager 7 and is solution manager available as trial at all?

        Best Regards


        • Hi Yogesh,

          for the consumption of data you can connect to an IDES ECC 6.0 system. You might have to do some customizing and configuration, but it should work.

          Similar Solution Manager 7 should work (I guess you are talking about the E2E tracing) -- and I don't know / think there is a trial version available.

          I guess you know the Self Paced Learning which will surely support you in your installation / configuration.



  • Hi Holger!

    We have successfully configured the VMs and have the basic reports with NW Gateway working.

    Our next big step is to make the 'Customers' or 'Products' sections on the Duet Demo Site work. When running them, we of course get a "BAPI_CUSTOMERS_GETLIST not found" error because there is no ERP.

    We have configured an RFC Destination and system alias for our existing ERP, but what else should we do to make the screens work?

    Many thanks,

      • Hi Holger, many thanks for the answer.

        It was helpful and we could get the Products an Customers to show up in SharePoint in the starter services, BUT using the DEFAULT software version at the system alias configuration.

        We have ECC Ehp5 and would like to have the full starter services working, so going back to 'ECC_604' software version, we cannot even open the customer detail dialog box. Using your troubleshooting guide, we see that the problem is that "Service Group Configuration is missing for /IWCNT/BPC_SERVICE_GROUP", the error same that the check tool shows.

        The only thing we have done in the ERP system is using note 1480794 to create the SAPLOGONPROFILE and import the business scenario from the XML, but there our version has a next step to assign service groups and a Provider System/Business Application, where we have nothing to choose from. Do we have to create a provider system? In that case, how do we fill the SLD identifier, WSIL and the required parameters? Does this have to be done only at the ERP system and not at the gateway soamanager?


        - at the service registry tab we have an empty grid

        - for a business application ID to be available for the wizard, we had to create a business system with a random name at the ERP soamanager...

        What steps should we follow to get the web services working?