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Author's profile photo Leon Lai Kan

Is there a limit to the capacity of Query Window to accept code?


I seem to have filled the Query Window to the max.

I am writing longer and longer queries in notepad, and paste them to the Query Window.

My queries are long mainly because:

  (1) I use a kind of menu system so as to simplify the life of users. It means my queries in fact hold many queries inside.

        I use GOTO to branch to the appropriate query selected by the user. So, my staff have all related queries in one place.

  (2) I have still not developed sufficient proficiency in stored procedures, UDF, etc which can shorten codes.

From time to time, I do shorten my codes.

I got a bad surprise today.

My existing code is already very long – about 17 pages A4 (not too crowded) and has served me well.

Now I added about 10 more pages….

Query Window won’t accept anymore!

Could anyone tell me what is happening?

Is there a limit to how long you can run Queries in Query Window?

Of course I know I must shorten my codes, but I did not expect SAP to limit the size of queries

one can write.

Suppose an expert wrote a query (say 50 pages A4), which cannot be shortened anymore.

How would he proceed to run his query to generate reports from SAP?


Leon Lai

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Just an idea.

      Why don't you create a view in SQL server? You can refer these view from SAP as a single sql server i dont think such limitation exists...



      Author's profile photo M. Sundararaja Perumal
      M. Sundararaja Perumal


      The limitation for query in SAP B1 is 64000 characters,you need to use stored procedure or view in SQL server to accommodate your requirement