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Display Hierarchy in WEBi as displayed by BEx query

Hierarchy layout in WEBI XI3.1 does not come in the same way as in BEx query output.

We do have a drill function in WEBi which will drill the hirerchy from one level to another, but we cannot see all the levels of hierarchies when drilled as we see in the BEx query output.


If we do not want to see the detailed rows in our report we can use the fold/unfold function.When table or break is folded the rows are collapsed and only the header and footers are displayed.

In WEBi XI3.1 we can make use of the FOLD/UNFOLD functionality to get the same hierarchy structure that we see when we run the BEx query.

Note: Tables must have header/footer to be folded and unfolded.

BEx query output:

Hierarchy in BEx.png

Below are the steps to achive the same hierarchy layout as we have in BEx.

1) Drag all the level (L00,L01,L02 etc) of hierarchy and the required measures in the WEBi query.

2) Apply break on the dimension object (L00 and L01 dimension objects i.e. the first and second level of hierarchy as we have 3 levels in the current example) on which the hierarchy is to be created(break is not applied in the last level i.e. L02).

3) Drag the measure in the rows, the measure value will be summed up for L00 and L01, if not then sum the measures value at each break.

4) Enable the Fold/Unfold function as shown in the below figure.

Fold_unfold 2.png

As you can see that the measure value for L01 (India) is the 106 which is the sum of measure value for L01 (Maharashtra(6),Goa(68) and Punjab(32)). Similarly for L01 the measure value will be sum of the measure value for L02 object. We have the L00, L01 and L02 dimension objects draged in the report and have hidden the border of the columns to make the hierarchy structure look the same as we have in BEx.

Note: The above solution cannot be implemented if we have more then one hierarchy displayed in the report.

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      Former Member


      We could use Fold/Unfold only if we needed a static number of levels, how do we get the same functionality when the hierarchy has multiple levels that needs to be generated dynamically ?

      Like this....












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      RUC ..

      Good post.

      Looks like this blog explains the same solution

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      Former Member

      This works only when sections are used in report and it didn't worked when Breaks are used.