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Expert Guided Implementation: Setup SAP Remote Support Component in May

Remote Support Component Service Pack 3

With the release of service pack 3 the installation and configuration times are drastically reduced. This is the perfect opportunity to implement an SAP developed monitoring and analysis application for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise which is provided free of charge for standard and enterprise support customers.  We have blogged previously about remote support component so if you are looking for more information, you can get it in a few places as reffered to below:


SAP Enterprise Support Academy

The SAP Enterprise Support Academy is a collaboration platform that promotes customer enablement for all operations. If you are looking for SAP Enterprise Support Services then the best place to look is here. Content is offered by SAP experts for experts within your organization. Below there are a number of learning opportunities offered by the academy:

  • A guided self service that can be run at anytime and at whatever pace you are comfortable. This is accomplished using your own landscape.
  • The latest webinar’s that have information on various SAP products.
  • A number of best practices that enable those within your organization to leverage the SAP Enterprise Support Services during their daily tasks.
  • Expert Guided Implementations (EGI) provide direct access to an experienced SAP expert that will assist in the implementation of various products.

Expert Guided Implementation (EGI)

The expert guided implementation service to set up the SAP remote support component enables you to implement a monitoring system to better manage and analyze your SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise systems. Additionally, your monitoring landscape will be configured to send performance metrics to SAP which is required to automate the EarlyWatch Alert report service.  This EGI gives you the knowledge to adopt the monitoring platform to your individual requirements. The EGI delivery demonstrates the planning, setup, and registration steps required to successfully install SAP remote support component in your own landscape. The session also provides an introduction on how to use the SAP remote support component to perform root cause analysis and how to analyse the EarlyWatch Alert report to detect potential system outages.

When & Where?

This EGI is offered on a limited basis.  Details on how to get to the schedule and register are below. Keep in mind there are a limited number of seats available so if you are interested it is important to register early.

  • Americas Region CW20 (May 14th – 17th 2012) 
    • Start Time: 11-1pm EDT (3-5pm UTC)
    • Prerequisites: 
      • Willingness to execute the implementation during this week;
      • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP2 and future versions installed;
      • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise system registered in SAP Service Marketplace (SMP) with a unique ID;
      • S-User in SAP Marketplace with authorizations to maintain the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise System;
      • Dedicated Server for Remote Support Component (2-4 GB RAM, 2.0 GHz Pentium 4-class processor, 20-40 GB HDD.

For additional information about the Enterprise Support Acadamy follow this link.

To register for the SAP remote support component EGI in May click here.

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  • Hi Toby,

    We have XI3.1 SP3 Windows/ MS SQL 2005

    We had disabled wily config settings in BOE files to stop the webi leak issue as we are pestered with webi memory full issue.

    I plan to implement RSC in our landscape for further investigations and have two question around the RSC installation.

    Is the issue with Wily and webi leak fixed It looks like a catch 22 situation with the ncs.conf configuration.

    second SMD for Windows environment should be SMD730_IM_WINDOWS_I386 or RSC100_WINDOWS_X86_64. As the apps is 32 bit and the OS is 64. My thoughts is it X86_64 is correct.

    Please advise and share your thoughts.



    • Hi Ashish,

      The webi leak is fixed in FP3.7.  Additionally, I'd recommend upgrading to SP5 or SP6 since SP3 is no longer a supported codeline for XI 3.1.

      The SMD Agent should match the bit-rate of your operating system not of the applications running on the operating system.

      If you have more questions, please let me know.



      • Hi Toby,

        I had completed the configuration and was testing the result when I saw that many of the probes were not working. I tried multiple times and had used the option of clear landscape. Since then I am unable to login to S user id and get the system number for the license. The UI configuration interface of RSC is failing with error "Request to Service Marketplace failed. Could not determine system number on Landscape detection screen. Can you please let me know how to pass this with success. Also which component of SAP would be the right one to engage SAP team on this.



        • Hi Ashish

          For this problem see sap note:

          1619898 - Logon to Central Management Server from Remote

          Support Component UI fails with error "Request to Service Marketplace aborted.

          Could not determine system number."

          The support queue is BI-BIP-DEP

          • Hi Toby,

            Sorry to bug you on this again. But for some reason the error " Request to Service Marketplace failed. Could not determine system number." would move. I have tried it with different combination but for some reason this would budge. It did go through the first time but after i used the clear landscape I am not able to go on from this point. I see that the RSC tool connects to SAP support and checks proxy POST and moves on and the error clearly states that the problem is in the mismatch of system number and not connectivity with service market place. I have maintained the system data, license key in the system data and in the BOE server as well.

            I have checked the note but I am not sure that is helping in my case. Is there a way I can talk to you directly on some number if that not a trouble.



          • Just to add I am not sure where the system number is stored on BOBJ side that I can update so that the RSC can refer to it. I feel as its comparing the system number from the one in service market place and there is a mismatch for some reason that's where it seems failing. Can you please comment on this.



          • Just to add I am not sure where the system number is stored on BOBJ side that I can update so that the RSC can refer to it. I feel as its comparing the system number from the one in service market place and there is a mismatch for some reason that's where it seems failing. Can you please comment on this.