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SAP Portal @ SAPPHIRE and ASUG 2012: Experience the New SAP Portal Portfolio

Come and meet us at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG conference. What we have to offer this year is a huge portfolio : a big number of Portal sessions @ ASUG conference, customer speakers, influence council, demo pod at the Database and Technology campus, solution demo’s, videos, theater sessions, micro forums etc.

Did you ever ask yourself these questions:

  • Why should I upgrade to SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3?
  • Why are external facing portals business enablers?
  • How can I influence the portal product?
  • How can I run my existing SAP NetWeaver Portal on mobile?
  • How can I discuss SAP’s strategy around its SAP NetWeaver Portal?
  • How you can I manage portal content using enhanced social collaboration capabilities?
  • How can I access portal content from multiple devices such as PC’s, tablets, and smartphones?
  • Lessons Learned from Other Portal customers?
  • Highlights of the 2012 Portal roadmap?
  • On-demand portal sites, SAP HANA™ in-memory computational portal services: what can I expect in this areas?
  • Are there any new content management  and social collaboration enhancements in SAP NetWeaver Portal?

Curious? Come to our ASUG sessions or to our SAPPHIRE pod and find the answers.


Influence the Product:

SAP Portal Influence Council (ASUG Session 3909,  Mon. 03:00 pm – 04:00 pm, S312)
Leverage this session to directly discuss your business scenarios and ideas for improvements with SAP experts to influence the future direction of the portal portfolio. Enjoy the opportunity to watch online demos on our recent SAP Labs development in Mobile Portal, HANA based Portal services, Portal On Demand and Social Collaboration, while finding answer to your current implementations questions. Interact with fellow industry experts, some part of the active Portal influence council, and learn what are the council achievements in influencing SAP roadmap in 2011, in areas such as browser support or high availability

SAP Portal Roadmap:
Innovations On Premise, On Demand and On Device (ASUG Education Session 2102, Mon. 12:30 p.m. – 01:30 p.m., S310C):
Join this session with Guy Bavly to learn more about the latest innovations and improvements of the portal portfolio including topics such as mobility and mobile intranet, on-demand portal sites, SAP HANA™ in-memory computational portal services, and the new content management social collaboration enhancements to SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3. The presentation will highlight the 2012 roadmap, and will guide existing and new customers on how to make better portal decisions, for delivering B2E , B2B, and B2C external-facing scenarios.

Portal Upgrade:

SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 Top 5 reasons to Upgrade to the New Portal Release (ASUG Education Session 2201, Mon. 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. , S310D)
SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 has been out in the market for few months only, and already a 10th of customers are running the new product version. In this session Aviad Rivlin will review the Top 5 customer benefits from the new product release. Find out what the main enhancements of SAP NetWeaver Portral 7.3 are.;  Hear why you should upgrade to SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3.

And another Portal Upgrade Session:

Best Practices for Successfully Upgrading Your Portal to SAP NetWeaver 7.3 (ASUG Education Session 2203, Mon. 01:45 p.m. – 02:45 p.m., S310D)
SAP NetWeaver 7.3 provides various functional enhancements and improvements for end users, administrators, and developers. In this session we will discuss the new concepts, technical aspects, and recommendations for smoothly upgrading your portal landscape to SAP NetWeaver 7.3.

SAP NetWeaver Portal On Device:

Accessing Your Existing SAP NetWeaver Portal on Mobile Devices (ASUG Education Session 2204, Mon. 03:00  p.m. – 04:00 p.m., S310D)
Learn why and how to run your existing SAP NetWeaver Portal on mobile devices, leveraging existing portal infrastructure and services while using a flexible, modern, high-performance user interface and user experience chosen by the customer.

Next Generation Portals: On Premise, On Demand and On Device  (ASUG Education Session S046, Mon. 03:00  p.m. – 04:00 p.m., S320):
Discuss SAP’s strategy around its NetWeaver Portal (in all possible channels of consumption), the traditional On-Premise Portal and where it is heading, and the challenge of mobilizing existing assets and the new world of on-demand portal. In this session we would like to hear from you what are your scenarios and requirements and share with you possible directions the NetWeaver Portal will be taking.


From Document Management to Social and Mobile Content Management:
With SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText (ASUG Education Session 2207, Tue. 01:45 p.m. – 02:45 p.m. , S310D):
Legacy document management systems make way for new content management solutions that go far beyond basic file sharing. With SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces and SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText (PCM ), customers can now manage their portal content using enhanced social collaboration capabilities and access content from multiple devices such as PC’s, tablets, and smartphones. This session SAP will exemplify and demo real-life scenarios for content management with social and mobile capabilities.

Social Experiences:
Leverage the Power of Social Networks in your organization, by SAP Enterprise Workspaces (ASUG Education Session 2108, Tue. 01:45 p.m. – 02:45 p.m., S310C):
The session will explain the New Social Network Capabilities of SAP Portal provided as part of your Portal Enterprise Workspace solution.
More information see this blog by session owner Winfried Wenisch:

Customer Case Study:
Implementation of the City of Burnaby’s External-Facing SAP Portal (ASUG Education Session 2107, Tue., 01:45 p.m. – 02:45 p.m., S310C):
Find out how the City extended their award-winning ASUG Portal of the Year with an external-facing view using SAP NetWeaver 7.0. Discover the tools and knowledge required to plan, prepare, and execute the enhancements to the Portal, including controlling access to various SAP applications for the City’s different user groups: citizens, business partners, and employees. Learn about the details of planning the technical architecture, including SAP Portal desktop filtering, secure user management configuration and portal interface design, including modifying the default framework to present a modern look geared to enhance the user experience. Through presentation of the City’s internal and external SAP portals, see how SAP NetWeaver 7.0 provides the ability to create a seamless presentation of SAP transactions, KM/WPC portal content, and collaboration to provide all users with the online services required.


Customer Experiences with Colgate:
Lessons Learned by Colgate-Palmolive with Enterprise Workspaces 1.x for SAP NetWeaver (ASUG Education Session 2213, Wed. 03:00 p.m. – 04:00 p.m., S310D):
In this session, Colgate-Palmolive will show user productivity enhancements using enterprise workspaces for SAP NetWeaver Portal.

External Facing Portal:
Solution That Fits Your Needs (ASUG Education Session 2114, Wed. 04:15 p.m. – 05:15 p.m. , S310C):
External facing portals are business enablers. They provide a communication channel and simplify business with customers, partners, suppliers, recruitment candidates, and citizens. SAP NetWeaver Portal and SAP’s on-demand portal technology are two valuable solutions for many types of external portals and sites. What is the right solution for your needs? On demand or on premise? Who will manage the content? What level of customization is required? Know what are available SAP solutions, their benefits, and matching business scenarios. Understand considerations for choosing theright solution or mix of them for your use case. Learn from real-world examples of external facing portals.

More information see this blog by session owner Vitaly Vainer:

Content Consumption and Interoperability Between SAP NetWeaver Portals (ASUG Education Session 2214 Wed., 04:15 p.m. – 05:15 p.m. S310D):
Many large-scale portal implementation are using the federation capabilities of the SAP NetWeaver Portal in order to manage large-scale portal landscapesThis session reviews the up-to-date recommendations and best practices about how to consume content between SAP NetWeaver portals.

Develop Your First Mobile Application with Portal on Device (ASUG Education Session 2211, Wed., 12:30 p.m. – 01:30 p.m., S310D):
In this session, you will learn the concepts and techniques of creating mobile-oriented portal applications based on the portal on-device architecture. Find out how quickly you can build a professional mobile application without going through native code development. Explore the cool and powerful HTML5 capabilities that are blurring the boundary between native applications and web applications. Gain a basic understanding of jQuery Mobile – the underlying mobile UI framework of portal on-device. Go through the major steps in creating a simple mobile portal application, and learn the Do’s and Don’ts in creating state-of-the-art, highly performing mobile portal applications.

Lessons Learned for Implementing Appealing Extranets with SAP NetWeaver Portal (ASUG Education Session 2112, Wed., 1:45 – 2:45, S310C)

More and more customers are exposing services to selected suppliers or partners in order to improve efficiency and quality of their business processes. Join this session to learn how to successfully implement and securely run an appealing extranet portal with SAP NetWeaver Portal. The presentation will include various business scenarios, examples, as well as technical aspects such as branding, web content management, and application integration.

The agenda builder is a great place to select and keep topics for your own personal agenda at ASUG and SAPPHIRENOW:

Campus for Database and Technology SAPPHIRE NOW

Meet us also at the SAPHIRE NOW campus for Database and Technology. Here you can meet our experts in person. For more information about the SAPPHIRE NOW campuses see this link:

You can find us in the campus for Database and Technology at the User Experience Pod where we will showcase our current solutions. We have three pod sections: On Premise, Mobile Devices and PCM/PSM/Adobe.

We also hope to see you at this Microforum Discussion which covers the innovative new solutions for content and site management that have been co-developed by SAP and OpenText for the SAP NetWeaver Portal component: Managing Enterprise Content with SAP NetWeaver Portal Mon., Mon. 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. DT203.

We are looking forward to see you at our ASUG sessions and the SAPPHIRE pod!

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