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Serial Numbers in Purchasing with EhP4 Business function LOG_MM_SERNO

As of SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0, we have a business function, LOG_MM_SERNO that can be activated to manage Serialized materials in the purchasing processes. We can enter serial numbers for the main items of purchase orders and purchase requisitions, and for the subitems ‘free goods’ (inclusive and exclusive bonus quantity). Within one purchase order or purchase requisition we may want to order several pieces of an item. By serializing the materials, we can easily differentiate between them, making it easier to request a specific piece of material.

  1. SFW5 transaction Or the IMG path:


Business Function, LOG_MM_SERNO is activated.


Once (and only after) the Business Function is activated we have two Serializing procedures, POSL and PRSL, that are made available at the time of setting up the Serial Number Profile.

Important Note: Some business functions offered under the enhancement packages are non-reversible and this function related to serial numbers is also non-reversible meaning once activated cannot be deactivated.

2. OIS2 setting:


As it stands, the SerUsage for POSL and PRSL, is recommended to be set up as 01. If this is made as 03/Mandatory then it becomes global and applicable for all purchasing document types. However we can later set the SerUsage as Mandatory in the MM configuration as below, from where we can ensure that the Serial number usage is mandatory only for a specific purchasing document type as the business requirement may be.

Note: The serial number usage can be triggered by manual means only during the purchasing process and say a MRP run will not assign any serial numbers at the time of a PurReq creation. SerUsage options possible for POSL/PRSL are 01/02/03. ‘04-Automatic’ cannot be assigned as an option at all for these two procedures.

3. IMG: Materials ManagementàPurchasing–>Purchase Requisition–>Define Document types

For the Z003 profile, we set the SerUsage to be Obligatory meaning that it is obligatory only for the NB PR document type.


IMG: Materials ManagementàPurchasing–>àPurchase Order–>Define Document types

Setting for Z003 is set as done previously for a Purchase Req.


Once the IMG setting is done for the Purchase Req and Purchase order the same details gets updated ‘automatically’ in the IMG path, Plant Maintenance and Customer Service–>Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service–>Technical Objects–>Serial Number Management–>Define Serialization Attributes for Movement–>Define Flow type groups

Note: Based on the SerUsage setting in the IMG for PR/PO as above, the details are updated automatically and cannot be edited here. A change in the IMG alone updates this setting again.


4. Purchase Req Creation:

We will create a PR manually for the material concerned using ME51N transaction.


As the setting is Obligatory in IMG for the profile Z003, for the Material SNZ003 that has the profile attached, at the time of PR creation we get an error message.

Also see that a Serial Numbers icon is available in the Material Data tab of the PR.

Clicking on the Icon brings up the Maintain Serial Numbers window where in we can assign numbers of our choice. Or when we click on the Create serial number automatically it populates the numbers accordingly.


Once serial numbers are assigned, the Check is successful and we save the PR.

We have the Purchase requisition number 0010007234 created.

5. Purchase Order Creation:

We will now convert the PR into a PO.


Note that in the PO we can see the Serial number tab in the Delivery Schedule tab and on clicking it we see that the same numbers assigned in the PR have got carried over.


We save and the Standard PO is created under the number 6000002174.

6. When we do the GR for the Purchase order based on the relevant MMSL procedure setting of 03 (Obligatory) as in OIS2 setting above, we get to see that serial numbers are issued at the time of receipt.


We receive the material into stock with the Serial number and can use it accordingly

against the assembly it is meant to be issued during Production GI.

Database Tables:

SER09: Doc. Header for Serial Numbers for Purchase Requisition Item

SER08: Document Header for Purchase Order Item Serial Numbers

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      Good to see someone showing an EHP function.

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      Nice to see this.

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      Hi all ;

      Is there anyone explain how serialization be used ? An example ...


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      Thank you very much for the nice blog. It's very helpful.


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      Hello everyone


      I need to use the serialized materials on a subcontrating process - I'm sending a serialized material via PM to be repaired on a third party, the serial number is in the purchase requisition and in the purchase order, but when I try to create the delivery, the serial number is not been brought.

      Someone already had this kind of problem?