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Custom Hierarchy Extraction in SAP BW 7.3 (Part1)


The purpose of these articles is to

  • Create a custom hierarchy in R/3
  • Create a Generic Hierarchy data source for the hierarchy created above in R/3
  • Load hierarchies in BW 7.3 using this Generic data source and hierarchy transformation


SAP BI 7.3, ECC 6.0

Step by Procedure to Create a Custom Hierarchy in ECC:

Lets take example of Company code. We want to see company code hierarchy in reports. Assume there is no standard hierarchy available for company code in ECC. Below steps show how to create a SET Hierarchy for company code in ECC.

Goto t-code GS01, give the set name as the hierarchy name (top most node) you want to see and the Table as T001. Then click on Hierarchy maintenance which will ask for the field on which you want to create the set. Choose BUKRS since we want to create hierarchy for Company code. Then press enter.

Capture1.JPG    Capture2.JPG

You see the hierarchy maintenance screen where in enter the description for heirarchy header.


Place the cursor on CC and click on ‘Lower Level’ to create nodes below CC. Example nodes as CC1, CC2 and CC3 along with their descriptions.

Now we want to assign company code values to the nodes CC1, CC2 and CC3.

Place the cursor on CC1 and click on ‘Value/Interval’.

And enter the company codes which should belong to the node CC1. Repeat the steps for nodes CC2 and CC3 and Save the Set.

The t-codes GS02 can be used to change the set hierarchy.

GS03 for displaying the hierarchy and GS04 for deleting the set hierarchy,.

Finally the created hierarchy looks like this.


Now the hierarchy is ready in ECC. How to extract this hierarchy to BW will be shown in my next documents.

Hope this document helps.

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