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A Simple JQuery Mobile –UWL component

This is just a proof of concept developed for one of the clients and there is a lot of room for the improvement.

The idea is to access to the UWL via a tablet /smart phone.

The traditional SAP standard UWL.


Following describes the makeover look of universal worklist for mobiles.

Application flow: Users will access the UWL component via an index page (mobile.html). This page is a simple HTML5/JQM page, allows users to store the user name and password using the html5 local storage object and then redirects the user the UWL component.

The Index Page (mobile.html) has to be placed in the following area for anonymous access.


Screenshot of the application:

login.JPG       1.JPG   two.JPG three.JPG

    MobileHome.html page        Available Menu Options                 Tasks from the SAP system   

Once the user selects the approve/reject the application will be redirected to a custom ABAP application (mobile enabling is still in process for this abab application ) which will then take care of the approval an reject functionalities. after approve /reject by clicking on the refresh the task will be removed from the uwl. This component has been tested for the SRM shopping cart approvals as well.

for the benefit of the SCN community this component is now available in

This component can be used either as a standalone application or can be integrated with the Netweaver 7.3 portal on device mobile layout.

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  • Very nice blog! Thanks you.

    Can you add the Portal application to the portal CodeX project for the benefit of the community?



  • Very nice!

    Where did you found the required jars  bc.uwl.service.api_core.jar and bc.uwl.service.api_api.jar for nw 7.3 ?



    • Hi Gabri,

      you might get this from SMP.

      "Support Packages and Patches - Entry by Application Group" ->

      "SAP Netweaver" ->

      "SAP Netweaver 7.3"

      "Entry by Component" ->

      "BPM ->


      Download one of the patch files e.g. UWLJWF05P_4-20005138.SCA

  • Hi Ravi,

    I don't seem to be available to download the full source from codeX (download button is missing in expert view on trunk). And the .ear file fails as well...

    I would be very thankfull if you could supply it to me 🙂

    Br Jan

  • Yes! Just got your code up and running (on a sandbox as a proof of concept) simply by copy pasting it into nwds from codeX repository. The download is not working in there but quite simple to copy paste and the jar files are available in plugins folder to eclipse. Nice! Thank you Ravi.

      • Thanks Ravi for prompt response.

        I deployed the EAR file and created the iview from the portal application. But when I access the application, i get below error:

        Error The given id "Workflow System"is not a unique id of a user!The given id "Workflow System"is not a unique id of a user! The given id "Workflow System"is not a unique id of a user! Error trace /n[Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@2ce5feba

        I do not know what this error means and from where it is refering to "Workflow System" ID.


        • Hello,

          I assume that you are using the application in a traditional sso scenario using SAP logon tickets mechanism.

          Basically your back end workflow items have been created with creator id - "WorkFlow System" , the application is looking for the " WorkFlow System" user in the portal UME and it could not able to find it. may be your workflow colleague can help you with this by configuring the item creatorid with the actual back end user instead of the "Workflow System ".  or just for the testing purpose, create a portal ume user as "Workflow System" and give it a try...

          • Hi Ravi,

            Thanks for the response. That is what my initial thinking was.

            But, I have tried with the ID which has work Items already assigned and we can see work items if we logged in with that user on the desktop.

            But, when we log in with the same use in mobile, it gives the error.



          • Ok...

            When I checked the details, "Workflow System" is shown in the From field of the UWL item. It means, this workflow item was generated by "Workflow System". But, assigned to the another user.

            I created "workflow System" user on Portal and still it gives that error. Let me try to modify the code to ignore warning messages. When I checked in the logs, this error was showing as Warning and not the error.



          • I found the cause of the error.

            In below line, system was looking for First name and last name of the Creator ID. Once I removed the First name and last name part from it, then it worked.

            write("<h3>"+ item.getSubject()+"</br>"+ UMFactory.getUserFactory().getUser(item.getCreatorId()).getFirstName()+" " +UMFactory.getUserFactory().getUser(item.getCreatorId()).getLastName()+"</h3>");



  • Hi Ravi

    that looks very good. We would like to try it also and to modify it if necessary. Can we get in contact with you to get the code also?

    Best regards


  • Hi Ravi,

    This is what i have been looking for. This is just fantastic!

    Could you please share the code, i would like to give a try

    Thanks in advance!