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Using Charts in Crystal Reports – Part 1

Version Information: This sample is prepared with Crystal Reports 2008

Step by step guide to creating a chart in Report Footer based on entire data :

I will demonstrate the use of charts in Crystal Reports by using a simple example. The screenshot below displays a report where marks obtained by students in various subjects are displayed. A group has been created based on student ID. The student name is displayed in the group header. The detail section will display marks for each subject taken by the particular student displayed in group header. The group footer contains the total marks for each student.


If we look at the preview of the report we get to see something like this:/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/chart2_97448.jpg

If we want to create a chart for marks of all students, we can click on the chart icon in the toolbar and insert a chart in the report footer.


The “Chart Expert” opens …….where we choose vertical “Bar Chart”.


In the Data tab we choose to display the sum of marks for each student. (Note : The Group option is enabled when there exist a group in the report  and at least 1 summary field )


We can use the “Text” tab to customize the Title, subtitle , axis description etc.


When we look at the preview, the report appears as below:


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