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SCN’s Social Channels – They Are A’Changin

I am happy to report that the management of the SAP Community’s social channels will transition to Chrissy Bryant this week. You all may know Crissy from the great work she did during the launch of the new SCN – she built that Getting Started space and manned the bug fix area at launch.

crissy crpooed.JPG

As I pass the baton from my team to Crissy, I want to reflect on the birth of these channels in 2009, their growth since then and the people who helped blaze this trail. (FYI, our team will now focus on attracting, educating and engaging members and integrated marketing for 10 key topics in SAP).

Back in 2009, we knew we needed to add more structure and a unified approach to the Facebook and Linked In channels started by Craig Cmehil and others, and that we needed to augment the automated Twitter feed from @scnblogs with a human touch. Believe it or not, there were not many “playbooks” on how to rename, consolidate, change owners of, or run such channels.

Natascha Thomson, Sylvia Santelli, Rashmi Manda and I kicked this off after some preliminary work with Maggie Fox and team at Social Media Group. Here is our first tweet, and the earliest responses:

first tweet 2009.JPG

first tweet responses.JPG

Palm Norchoovech joined in 2010. He “aced” his interview for his intern role by telling us he could help further unify our channels.

Since then, we figured this out together, adding, I hope, a human touch to SAP Community’s presence on these massive social engines like Facebook.

Now, we have grown to 12,000 followers on Twitter, 32,000 on Facebook, 12, 000 on Linked In and 185,000 video views on You Tube. I want to thank Natascha, Rashmi, Sylvia, Palm and Sylvana for all the hard work on the ambiguous trail to building these channels.


Crissy is part of a group within the Community & Social Media team, Social Media Strategic Services, where she will work for Bill Robb, who, with Brian Ellefritz and team, have built the SAP Branded social channels. I know @sapcommnet, etc. will get the best of care.

We will still be on, tweeting and such from different pov’s  (Natascha, Sylvia, Sylvana, Anita, myself). Thanks to all the SCN members who enthusiastically embraced these channels and helped them grow in size AND quality of engagement.

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  • Thanks Gail, for providing us with a look back at what’s been done – and Chrissy, we will all look forward to hearing more from you in the future!


  • It’s so great to see what started often as some crazy idea by a handful evolve and blossom into something so amazing! Gail you and your folks have done such an amazing job turning rough attempts into polished gems and now with this it looks as though the next stage in already in progress! Thank you for all your efforts and a hearty good luck to Crissy and the others continued the effort moving forward!

  • Craig, So nice to hear that compliment from you to the team. You were “the man” when we came – your name was attached to all the accounts. YOU were the trailblazer – we just organized it for scale beyond what you could humanly do as 1 person. Stay tuned for more great things – and maybe see you in Orlando?