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When we create any excel planning layout in BPS0 transaction, we have some following options to..

  1. Add the macros to run some calculations and display in layout
  2. Format the excel layout in different colors etc

Along with these options, we can also write FM’s to read/write the data from/to excel layout. This will surely enhance the usability of planning layouts.

Before going forward with FM’s, let’s discuss about the additional scenarios in which we can make use of write/read function modules.

  • Read/write the value from/to particular row/column based on business logic
  • Read any MD table and populate in the column of planning layout
  • Change the format of planning layout

Now to implement this, kindly follow below steps:

  • Create WRITE/READ function module (with desired logic) in SE37 under Function group of your BPS application.
  • Then open the planning layout in BPS0 transaction and in the same session, call another transaction LB_EXIT_FM. You will get screen pop-up with Name of write/read module for FM input.


  • Provide the names of write/read FM names as created.

Following are some important structures/tables which can be used in write/read modules parameters:

Import Parameters:

                           UPP_Y_INITCALL – Initial Call

                           UPP_YTO_HEAD – Characteristic Values in Header

                           UPP_YT_LL         – Planning Processor: Logical Screen

                           UPP_YT_MAP     – Mapping Table Spreadsheet for Screen Table



Export Parameters:





Hope with this option, you will able to add more functionality to planning layouts.

You might need to take help from ABAP team in order to use these structures/tables.

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