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Work smarter instead of harder. In this release of SAP StreamWork, you’ll find a new personal workspace area and a variety of new features to help you collaborate. These are in addition to the innovative integration of collaborative decision-making tools with new built-in analytic capabilities to analyze, visualize, and inform better decision making, which you can read about in the blog post, What’s new: Fusing collaboration with data analytics tools to inform decisions and improve results. In addition, read more below about how you can:

Work – on your own terms with your personal workspace

To help you work the way that best suits you, you can now store and edit documents and tools in your own personal workspace: My Items. Use this personal workspace to prepare data, files, and other items before copying them into activities for collaboration.


Create a new item in your workspace – or copy one from an activity to save for later use. After you’ve copied an item into your workspace, you’re free to manipulate it as you wish, since you don’t have to worry about overwriting the original copy.

Easily connect the right contributors

To help you to connect and collaborate with the right people, you can now easily share SAP StreamWork profile information outside of the application. Go to a colleague’s profile page and click “Share” to reveal a permanent link for their page, which you can email or even include in blog posts.


To make it easier to gather all the people that you need collaborate with, you can now invite a combination of individuals and contact lists to an activity. To save you time, when you enter the first few characters of contact list or a person’s name, your entry is automatically completed for you. Double-click a contact list to show all the names in it and adjust the invitation list, if necessary.


Quickly turn ideas into results

Increase your organization’s ability to leverage ideas and generate results by using existing conversations from your SAP StreamWork feed to create activities.


With the click of a button, you can copy a status update or conversation into a new activity as a discussion item and simultaneously invite all of the participants who commented.

With the new tool catalog, it’s easier to find the tools you need to accomplish your goals. Browsing, filtering, and learning about SAP StreamWork tools has been simplified with a three-paned interface to quickly help you discover the right tool.


Get everyone on the same page to work smarter

Express yourself more clearly with the additional font-size options and window resizing abilities in the text tool. To resize the text tool, drag the lower right-hand corner downward to add length to the text pane.


Making sense of multiple item versions is now easier with the refined user experience for version management. View previous versions of an item without leaving the page, and clearly see how comments on an item relate to specific versions.


Clearer terminology helps teams understand SAP StreamWork functionality – Action Items are now referred to as Tasks.


No need to worry about the wrong eyes seeing sensitive company information. Now only individuals within the organization can be invited to confidential activities.


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