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POD – Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery is the confirmation sent by the Ship to party upon the reciept of goods. Once you configure the POD in your system, means it wont let you

create the billing unless you have confirmatiion of POD.


To configure the POD :



————–Step 1————————————————————–


check the POD in Customer Master – sales area – Shipping data tab.


– Enter the time limit to recieve the POD from Ship to party in “Time Frame” as No: of days which is  permited in numbers and as I have entered as 3 days.

If the Ship to party fails to send the POD within the stipulated time, which is mentioned in the time frame, the system will automatically create the



—————Step 2————————————————————


– Select the relavent Item category and assign “X” (Relavent for POD) you can use the following path to assign as mentioned.


(SPRO – Logistic Execution – Delivery – Proof of Deliveries – set POD-Relevance depending on delivery item category)





– If you intend to create the new reasons for the Quantity difference then you can do Under the previous step in customizing.


(Define Reasons for Quantity Differences)


————–step 3————————————————————————


– Now create the Sales Order, delivery, PGI, and lastly when you will attempt to create the billing you would see the error message. In the log if you

observe the POD is not confirmed. Which means is you need to get the POD .




– To get the POD there are 2 scenarios.


Scenario 1-


If the quantity has difference ” it could be overdelivery or Underdelivery” for this:


A) Use the Transaction code VLPOD then enter the delivery document number: , enter the reasons for the qty variation (Positive or Negative) and finally

Enter the qty of variation under the “Qty difference sales Unit” which changes the POD status as “B”(Difference Reported). and save the document.




B) After the above step now you need to do VLPODQ transaction code for the final confirmation of POD- Automatic Confirmation.

In VLPODQ selection criteria, you need to input your delivery document no:,  and make sure to select “radio button of “Verified with difference”

and tick mark the “Display selected documents” under the worklist tab & Execute.


You can also do VLPODQ directly if there is no discripencies in the item which customers has recieved.





c) Select the line item and hit the “CONFIRM” button .





If you want to make sure you have the quantity difference recorded properly, for that go to VL02n, select the line item go to “Processing tab” and look in the

“POD Difference button” which will show up the delivery quantity and POD quantity.


D) Now you are ready for the billing… Go to VF01 and do the billing.









Scenario 2-


If there is no difference in quantity in suc case follow the step B (select the radio button “Not yet processed” instead of “verify with difference”.),

Step C, and D from above.






Sridhar Vijjhalwar

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  • 1. After the “days” (i.e. Time frame for Confirmation of POD) have lapsed withouth confirmation from the SH party about POD, then which steps have to be done?

    B has to be done?

    2. If the field “POD timeframe” in CMR is kept blank. What shall be its effects (on the POD process)?

    • Hello TW,

      In that case the POD will be confirmed automatically and it will be reflected in VF04. Please try and let me know if you have any issue with it.



    • 2. If the field “POD timeframe” in CMR is kept blank. What shall be its effects (on the POD process)?

      if not maintain any timeframe.   When create billing, same error message “POD not carry out or incomplete.”

  • Good Job Sridhar.

    SCN requires such kind of doc which have utility as well as can be understood easily.

    Its really a value addition to Forum.



  • Dear sridher this is very useful information

    but i have small doubt pl clarify me  that

    i have one doubt about POD

    IN POD Process we maintain time frame in customer master suppose we maintained 5 days if ship to party not sends  his confirmation system wont allow to create billing in 5 days but after 5 days system will allow to create billing

    here my doubt is if ship to party sends his confirmation how system knows that customer agreed

    suppose in 5 days he sent confirmation to company where we enter his confirmation

    pl let me know i am very thankful to you

  • Nicely explained easy to understand to everone. thanks for you nice effort.

    Keep posting this kind of useful documents

  • hi Sridhar,

        Just wondering when will the material account document be created in the POD process ?  As i know , it should be at PGI ,but  is there any advice if we need to settle the cost after the POD? this means the material account document createing when the POD comfirmed, rather than post PGI, thanks.

    • Well,

      Interesting question!

      From my understanding, the materail document is created when PGI is done.

      After PGI, the goods “travel” to the SH customer, there POD is done.

      Could you please explain the business requirement behind this?

      • actually , the business requirement is some of our clinetes want to settle the revenue and cost late, because they need sometime to prepare the invoice and other documentes after PGI and before Billing. 

        but if the material document created when PGI is done, and the POD maybe 2 weeks late, and billing would be 3 weeks late, so the cost and revenue will not be settled in the same month, it will impact the monthly report.

  • Sridhar,

    Nice article. Appreciate your efforts.

    Quick question: Could we automate this PoD process in online, meaning once the customer accept the goods he/she uses digital signature or QR code or finger print to accept the goods and it automatically updates in SAP system. How to achieve this ?



  • Hi Sridhar,

    It is very informative article.

    Question 1. What if I don’t provide POD timeframe (leave it blank) ?

    Question 2. If I want to set my Delivery Date as PO confirmation date – then what configuration I    must do in SAP ?




  • Hi Sridhar ,

    Great Document.

    Can you please help me on, how the quantity differences in POD be adjusted in inventory postings (and COGS).

    Sales Order raised 10 qty and Delivery made 10 qty. POD confirmation done for 8 qty and billing done for 8 qty.

    During PGI, Inventory reduced by 10 qty, but POD is only for 8. So there is loss of 2 quantities.

    How to handle this scenario and ensure that COGS value is correct.

    I checked few links, but could not find concrete answer. If I missed any link where suitable solution is already provided, then apologies.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.



  • Dear Gurus

    I have 2 questions in need of your further clarification for POD,

    1.  it’d be maintained at “ship-to party” , not  “sold-to” or ” bill-to ” ,  because sometimes the above 3 parties are not the same customer code.
    2. The “POD timeframe” means  the leadtime in days from which base date, from  ” actual shipment end date” ?