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Hi Everybody,

I want to share my ABAP to Text File exporting tool.

Where can you use it for?

If you can’t remember how you have solved a problem at another customer, then it would be nice if you had your coding as a text file for reference.

This tool can export a lot of ABAP repository objects, but it only has an export option. I you are looking for a tool with export and import options then please take a look at SAPLINK and all the Plug-ins where you can also find my CHIP export and import plug-in.

Supported systems

The “ABAP Export to Text File” tool is tested in SAP NetWeaver 7.00, 7.01, 7.02.

The tool will probably not work with older SAP NetWeaver systems.

How to install the tool

1: Create a report with transaction SE38 or SE80 without a top include.

2: Insert the code below, Activate it and you are ready to export.

Click here to download the ABAP code

Application view



Robin Vleeschhouwer

RV SAP Consultancy

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  1. Muthukumar Pasupathy

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for this blog post. Could you please guide me on how to actually use this tool? I created a report and pasted the ABAP code provided by you and activated the report.

    Now when I want to download some repository object to a text file, which menu path should I go to? Or will I see a button in the application toolbar?

    1. Robin Vleeschhouwer Post author

      Hi Muthuswamy,

      I have added an application image in the blog. You only fill in which objects you want to export to text files. You can even use the *. Then click the button Execute in the toolbar.


      Robin Vleeschhouwer

      1. Former Member

        Hi Robin,

                   Thanks for your efforts. That code is very useful . but it is not downloading the Smartforms if that SForm in program.


           And i’m beginner to ABAP-OOPs Can you explain how to start & where to start. If you are having any links can you send it to me.



        1. Robin Vleeschhouwer Post author

          Hi Krishna,

          The reason that I have developed the application is for exporting the code as a reference.

          If you want to export Smartforms you could use Saplink with the Smartform plugin.

          PS: I have updated the application with some bug fixes.

          Best regards,

          Robin Vleeschhouwer

  2. Thomas Thullen

    very cool, thanks for sharing.

    was looking for such kind of tool.

    To use it in SAP Solution Manager, I need to change some data definitions, but now it works fine


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