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Hello Everyone,

In this document, I tried to explain “Currency Conversion” functionality. Through this, I am trying to provide the general functionality and idea about the Currency translation in SAP HANA.


While using this option you need to replicate the standard table into SAP HANA that are TCURR, TCURC, TCURX, TCURF, TCURT, TCURV . If these standard tables are not available then you will not be able to perform Currency Conversion.


1. Create an Analytical view

  • Right Click on Analytical View > New

2. Enter “AN_TEST” for the name of the view

  • Select Schema under the “Schema for conversion” having all the relevant tables used for currency conversion.
  • Click Finish

3. Select Table and click finish.

4. Select the measures and attributes to be included in the analytical view.

5. Now, Right click on Calculated Measures and choose New.

6. Create the Calculated Measure, “Profit”.

  • Select Decimal data type with length 13,2
  • Double click on the desired measure for it to appear in the expression editor. Either type in the minus sign or double click on the Operator.
  • Click OK.

7. Create second Calculated Measure, “Profit_IN_USD”.

  • Write the same expression as written under previous calculated measure.
  • Select “Currency/Unit of Measure” tab.
  • Enter the values as shown in below figure.
  • Click OK.

Note: you can select either attribute or fixed Currency according to the requirement.

In this example, I am using “USD” that is fixed currency and “Currency” that is an attribute.

8. Save and Activate Analytical View.

9. Display the data in your Analytical View.

  • Right click on Analytical View and select Data Preview

Hope it is helpful. 🙂

Thanks for reading the document.


Neha Singla

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for the information…

    But a small correction, in first step you mentioned creating an attribute view, wherein you are actually creating an analytic view

  2. Former Member
    Are there any specific authorisations required to perform this operation? I still get the error message for Session Client, even though the DB admin has set it.
    1. Neha Singla Post author

      Hello Brendan,


      Thanks for reading my post.


      Please follow the following step:

      1. Goto Catalog > Authorization > Users > SYSTEM (here i am using SYSTEM is my user, in your case it might be differnet)

      2. Open the User Profile by double clicking on the SYSTEM

      3. Under the session client please enter the value, in my case i am entering 800.


      now you can able to perform currency translation.


      Hoope it is useful.




  3. Former Member

    Hello Neha,


    The document was really helpful. I would like to know if all the tables(TCURR, TCURC, TCURX, TCURF, TCURT, TCURV) need to be replicated or if we have some of those tables in a schema, then can that schema be used for currency conversion?


    Please guide me here.




    1. Former Member

      Hi Prasath,


      To answer this point – Yes you can create the above tables with data in any schema and use that schema for currency conversion within your analytic view.




  4. Vivek RR

    HI Neha


    IN the step 7 of currency conversion … if I want a most recent transaction date to be considered instead of a fixed date, how would I set it ?

    1. Former Member

      As long as you have the date as an object in your model you can use that, when you click on the Date option, the Date Mapping window gives options of Fixed, Attribute and Input parameter, choose Attribute and you the relevant date from your data foundation, obviously if you don’t have the date you require you will need to add it to your foundation. This allows you to pick up a date from the transaction and use that as your conversion date.

  5. Rudrabhupal B

    Hi Neha,

    I was working on this thing the other day and your document was really of great help. And i noticed that, the Default Client has to be set to 100 in the properties tab of the analytical view.

    without that i was not getting the options in the box where i was supposed to select from and to currency.


    Thanks and regards,

    Rudrabhupal PB.

  6. Rudrabhupal B

    Hi Everyone,

    When i was working on conversion of Indonesian currency to USD, i observed that the final view output is different from

    the value i manually calculated using the present market rate of USD wrt IDR(Indonesian currency).

    The difference was that the view output value was about 1000 times bigger than the manually calculated value.

    Interestingly the value maintained in the TCURR table for this specific conversion in the FFACT(‘Ratio for the “From” Currency Units’) column was 1000. SO does this FFACT column value play any role in the conversion, if so how should i use this value while implementing the conversion on HANA?

    For that, I need to understand how the currency conversion takes place at the backend of HANA. and what the columns in “TCURR” table mean.

    Can someone please explain or help me on this?

    Thanks and regards,

    Rudrabhupal PB.

  7. Former Member

    Thanks Neha for a clear and wonderful explanation on currency conversion.


    I am having some doubts around this. We are having our currency conversion and unit of conversion tables in SQL Server. How can we have this information moved into TCUR* and T0006, T006A? and how to keep these tables updated with the latest currency information?


    I would greatly appreciate your help and thanks in advance.

  8. Former Member



    when I am creating an analytical view, an Information View creation box appears and looks like attached. And there is no option like “Schema for Conversion”. Can anyone please explain how did u get a different creation box.Analytical View.png

    1. Rudrabhupal B

      Hi Junaid,


      The artical above by Neha explains the to do things to achieve currency conversions clearly. Please follow the steps carefully since the screenshots attached here might be outdated as there were lot of changes to the Hana Modeler interface in the recent versions. If you can be bit more clear on what you are trying to achieve, it would help us to help you out.


      In your statement above, what do you mean by ‘looks like attached’?. And the schema for currency conversion does not appear on the view creation pop up in the recent versions. It can be selected in the view properties in the ‘SCEMANTICS’ tab once the view is created.



      Rudrabhupal PB.

  9. Former Member


    I just want to ask regarding currency conversion in my case, I have invoice as a source data with different currency.  The requirement is during runtime the user need to input the The currency conversion From Currency to To New Currency.


    Example: if the first row of the invoice table is


    Currency     Amount

    AUD           1,000


    and the user selected during runtime Currency From SGD to USD

    So the resultset would be similar below.


    Currency     Amount   SGD          USD

    AUD           1,000      1,100          900


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