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How to make the recipients of an e-Mail part of a StreamWork Activity?

One very common scenario when using StreamWork is that you need to add the recipients of an e-mail as participants to an existing StreamWork Activity.

The problem is much easier to solve when you don’t have a StreamWork Activity yet. If you enable the featured extension “Create a SAP StreamWork Activity by Email” in your users settings you can simply hit “reply to all” and add the e-mail address which you get by enabling the extension to the recipient list. A new StreamWork Activity will be created and all recipients will be invited to the Activity. If you want to know more about this process: check out this video.

However, in case the Activity already exists and you need to add the recipients of an e-mail to that Activity you somehow need to have the full e-mail addresses. In case you are using an e-mail client like MS Outlook this is a little challenging as the recipients of an e-mail are not displayed as “” but simply as “LastName, FirstName”.

Follow the steps below get the e-mail addresses out of an e-Mail that you received in MS Outlook 2010:

  • In MS Outlook 2010
    • Right-click the recipient field and choose “Select All”
    • Right-click the selection and choose “Copy”.
    • Open your Contacts and click “New Contact Group”.
    • Click “Add Members” -> “From Address Book”
    • Right-click in the Members field at the bottom, and select “Paste”.
    • Click OK. This should give you a list of the names and addresses of the people, onw name/address pair per row.
    • Click “File”->”Save As”, enter a file name, select “Text” as file type and choose “Save”. The text file you created should be a tab-separated values file containing the information you seek.
    • Close the DL window and click “No” when asked if you want to save the changes (you don’t really want to create the DL, only the name/address pairs).
  • In MS Word 2010
    • Open the file which you have just created in MS Word
    • Select the list of containing the user/ e-mail address pairs
    • “Insert” -> “Table” -> “Convert Text to Table”. Click OK
    • Select the first column and delete it
    • Select table and copy
    • “Paste” -> Keep Text only”
    • Select what you have just pasted
    • “Replace” (or CTRL+H):  (don’t enter the quotes below)
      • Find what: “^p”
      • Replace with: “, “
    • Click “Replace All”
    • Copy emails and insert to “Participants” field in StreamWork

I tried to get the same result using other tools. But this was the process with the least steps that I could come up with. If you know a way that is quicker, please share it with us. I was wondering if the same could easily be done with a Visual Basic macro, but I have know knowledge in this area at all. So if someone has a nice little macro which does the trick: please share it with us.

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