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Where are Waldo’s Access Requests?

Have you ever looked for all open requests for a specific approver in GRC Access Control 10?  If you wanted to search for the requests pending with the approver Waldo, you would become frustrated if your search results list was more than a few items.  The Search Requests function is flexible and provides more than twenty filters for your selection criteria.  However, you cannot search by approver ID.  As you open each request, you wish there was a more efficient way to solve the issue.

Your wish has now been granted.  If you have this issue, a solution is currently available through two recent SAP notes.  Working with SAP to improve usability, note 1692201 was delivered with new logic to add approver ID to the list of available search criteria.  Note 1707751 provides the functionality to activate the search help for the new approver ID selection field.  The addition of these notes has improved usability within our environment.  Both of these notes are currently planned for delivery with GRC Access Control support pack 9.

This is an example of one usability improvement that SAP has responded to.  Recently I spoke with SAP product management and learned that Usability is one of the standards they attempt to deliver along with robust functionality, performance and security.  The focus for usability is the user experience, frequent business processes, navigation and design.  This focus is on the actual application user and not the technical administrative tasks. 

Providing feedback to SAP is critical since your voice needs to be heard.  User groups such as ASUG and others have stated that usability improvements reduce errors, lower training costs, increase user acceptance and improve the overall user experience.  If your users are happy, you can focus on delivering greater business value through your next project.

Do you have improvement Ideas?  If you could were granted one wish to improve GRC Access Control 10 usability, what would it be?

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  • Hi Gregg,

    While I know nothing about GRC, I am pleased to read that SAP is involving groups like ASUG in the improvements that users like you and I need.  I was on a Customer Connection late last year, and I found the results very encouraging. 

    Nice to see your blog too!