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We have come across some errors which hamper our work and consumes more time to rectify it.

For your convenience,i keep writing about troubleshooting errors in b1 and its packages.

Make this Blog helpful and kindly provide feedback.

Let me know,if you face strange errors other than this.

I will try to sort those strange errors for sure.

I will update the solution for further errors,so keep watch.

SAP Business one Errors:

1.Cannot Start Addon:


  If the logged in user doesn’t have sufficient windows rights to execute the file in the installed path.The possible reason is you might have installed the    addon with Administrator user and installed the file to the path where the normal don’t have access to it.


Login as administrator and right click the Installed folder->properties->security->select the ‘users’ and click edit to give Full control and then restart with normal user,it will work

2.Items per unit must be greater than Zero:

you may have realized that one of the user, while creating any marketing transactions ,the item description does not fill up automatically and item per unit will always be 0 and you cannot edit it.Even when you select the item description,the situation will be the same.This is user specific


you might have  removed warehouse or any data which is linked to the user defaults of that user.So,users linked to this defaults will get affected with this issue.


Goto Administration->Setup->general->user defaults and check the data i all the tabs and see what you have removed.If you removed anything,make the field blank or fill the necessary data.This will solve the problem.

3.Authorisation not saving even when clicking update:

   Sometimes,you may face this problem that Authorisation wont save till you click it twice.

    These error can be rectified by remote support Platform which runs specific task to solve this issue.

4.SAP Business has stopped working:


   Many People will get afraid of this error because this will make them to stop and lose their changes in b1.

    Whenever you get this error,just kept that error window at corner and finish your work and then save it.

     So you will never lose your changes.

5.Dmp file created.


   many people get this error often.The reason for this error:

    1.Database inconsistence.

    2.Non Working FMS.

    3.More temp files.

   So keep note of this reasons,if still the error persists,then log message to SAP.

6.Addon Uninstallation Failed

  Two causes for this error:

    1.Administrative rights:

           Log in as ‘Administrator’ when you install or uninstall the adons.

    2.Failed Uninstallation:

           When you unistall the addon from server,it will get failed to unistall on other client system.

           So when you log in that client system,you will get the above error.

          Three ways to resolve this:

           1.Goto C:\Program files\sap\sap business one\sbolocalregistration

   this ‘sbolocalregistration’ through text pad.

   will find your addons there which starts like ‘<Addon name=’sdksjk’> and ends with </Addon>.Delete this tag and save it.

  when you login in that client,it will automatically run the uninstall wizard.

Note:If you get errors like Table not found,Tax not found,Inernal (-1102) occurred in SAP Business one,check the internet connection between client and server.There would be fluctuation in the can check goto command prompt->type ping <your server name> -t.This command will show the complete progress of connection.

Data Transfer Workbench:

DTW is one of the most important tool to upload bulk data into SAP Business one at a stretch.Many People have been considering DTW as friendly application which reduces the work load.It has many pro’s but it has one major cons which irritates users by giving General errors which doesnt have proper information.This put the users in more time consuming  which in turn hamper their work.So,let me discuss about the errors and its causes which help you in finishing the Task soon.I have discussed about the errors below.

1.The namespace of element schema must be from the schema



        This will occur when the field length exceeds the defined limit.

        For Ex:The defined field length for item name is 100 characters but you have given the name which has more than 100 charcters.



       Input the characters which should not exceed the defined range

2.Invalid XML File,Method of object failed.


      This will occur when you upload more number of data ,say 3000 on single import.



      Reduce the number of datas by splitting it and proceeding the split up datas to next import

      Ex:If  you have 3000 items to import to item master data at a single stretch,this error may occur.

           so,first import 500 items and then import another 500…continue doing this process till 3000.

     Once the import has been succesfully completed,then relogin in to DTW to continue the next import.

3.Enter Valid Code

This error will occur when there is change of data between b1 and template.

For Ex:

If you are updating BP Address,the address name which you provided in template which should be same as the address name in BP master data in SAP   B1.

Have a practice of saving file as Tab Delimited text(*.txt) which allows you store data with commas(,).

You will face different errors when you import the data with commas(,) since you separate the file with comma.

4..Row set does not support fetching backward:

In SAP 9.0 DTW,you may face this error.If you get it,Restart the DTW with ‘Run as Administrator’

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Kamba

    My client gets this error on step 6 of dtw while trying to run simulation “Rowset does not support fetching backward” .  Any idea how to solve this?



  2. Former Member

    Thanks Kamba for this.

    There is one major issue I keep on facing now days,

    It is about DTW.

    Here is the scenario:

    After filling all data in CSV comma delimited, i try to import.

    On the run simulation step, it gives me an error saying data is to long for a particular field.

    When I check on the error file, I find out actually data were moved but if I check on my csv sheets, I realise  templates are well filled.

    Now, for me to solve this, I have to select all filled data, and move it accordingly to the error file, even tho I can clearly see that data are not in their respective field.

    And templates are uploaded.

    It is easy to solve, but it is hard to explain to a customer.

    Is there any way to solve this?

    Best Regards,
    Cedric Kayitare

    1. Former Member

      Hi Cedric,
      Do you have any hidden columns in csv? if yes,remove it.

      Another thing, If you are okay with the Tab delimited format then try it and check if you still get the same result.


    2. Former Member Post author

      Hi Cedric

      CSV (Comma Separated Value) file will split  the column based on the comma created by the file can check it by opening any .csv file in Notepad.So if you are entering any comma in the data it will be treated as separate column by CSV file.

      If you still need to comma in the data ex:Address ,then you can use Tab delimited file,but once you saved the file in Tab delimited,don’t forget to remove Double quote(“) in that can remove the quote easily in the notepad by replace option.

      Hope this helps you better

      Revert me for any clarifications

  3. Former Member

    I am facing number range error while uploading item master data in SAP Business one 9 version.  I have already maintained number range in the document number series.

    Please let me know if any special care should be taken / maintained in upload data while item master series is maintained in SBO.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Kamba and Darius,

    I just find out where the issue was.

    There is this first column in almost all DTW template “LineNUm”, if you read the comment, it says”It should be an integer which begin with 0, it is just for update, keep it empty when import”. If you don’t fill this column you get the error of moving data, but if you fill it, data are correct.

    Best regards,

    Cedric K

    1. Former Member Post author

      HI Cedric

      Doc Entry should be the first column and linenum to be the next column.

      For updating the records,you would need to enter the doc entry

  5. Jos Dielemans

    Does anyone know where we can find an overview of the errors and messages which are presented in the bottom of the screen, for example: 

    Internal Error (30-12) occurred [Message 131-183]


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