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Michal’s PI tips: Duplicate handling in file adapter – 7.31

As of EhP1 for PI 7.3 we have a nice new feature in the File/FTP adapter for checking for duplicate messages. It’s very simple but as most people know file adapter very well they don’t tend to read about it so I thought it would be fine to make this information a little bit more widely known.


Step 1

The only thing you need to define is to enable the duplicate handling and the if you want the channel to be disabled in case the threshold is exeeded. Threshold value is the valye beyond which the duplicate messages is not processed so if you enter 1 an alert will be raised for 2 duplicate message.


Step 2

Run your scenario and put the same message in the folder as many times as you’ve specified in the threshold value in order to see the channel create and alert.


Step 3

After the alert is raised you will also see that the channel was made inactive.


Further info:

Once the alert will get generated you can start using the new component based alerting as per my previous article: Michal’s PI tips: Component-Based Message Alerting

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  • Hi Michal,

    that’s indeed a small, but quite useful feature. Important detail is that it uses the filename and its last modified timestamp, but not the file content to determine a duplicate.

    Regards, Holger

  • Hi Experts,


    could you please be so kind to provide some details about the “check for duplicate” feature in combination with the advanced source file selection. Is this combination of different source files and the duplicate check working fine? Is it also working fine for all files when a placeholder (i.e. *) is used?


    Further question: In the message processing I saw that at a given point of time the duplicate check time period for the input file is expiring and therefor the next message will be treated as a new message. In there any chance to change this behavior or to change at least the expiration time?


    Thanks and best regards!