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Document Explaining BI Accelerator Related Issue

This Document I have created based on one issue we faced in our project for BIA.

Issue we faced that few records were not appearing the BW report based on one Multiprovider.

This Multiprovider is consisting of 3 Info cubes. All the three Info cubes are having BIA indexes build on it. Data is reflecting in the SAP BW query from one Info cube alone. We tried running the query through web, RSRT and Bex all the options and issue was same few WBS element data is missing in the BW report.


In RSRT I tried generating the report. But issue was persisting. In RSRV transaction we deleted cache but issue was not resolved. In RSRT there are option execute + debug there we can try running the SAP BW Report with BIA index and without BIA index. So when we were running the report without BIA index we found that data is reflecting correctly at database level from server.

Transaction RSDDBIAMON used for BI Accelerator monitor.


In that we went to BI Accelerator option in the top —- Index setting —

— switch on/off index for BW queries. By default switch is on and when we selected to make it off, BW queries started running without using the BIA index and fetching the correct data at database level.

So we arrived to a conclusion that BIA index is the problem. We dropped the BIA index 2-3 times and rebuild in RSDDV but issue remains the same.


In the end we tried RSRV – (Analysis and repair of  BI Objects )for index .

Go to all elementary tests —– BI accelerator—–BI accelerator consistency check ——– Master and transaction data ——- Compare data in BI tables and BIA indexes.


When we run above test, we found inconsistency in the X table for Company code. There were 13 entries missing in the X (SID table) for one of the master data object which is company code.

RSRV can be used for both for elementary and combined tests of BI accelerator.

SAP provided the long text and solution as build individual index for this master object separately as it was not getting created through RSDDV.

Rebuild needs to be done through SAP standard program RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX.

We went to SE38 and we have run the program. This program just accepts Dimension table,Fact table and SID table.It requires cube name ,text and Object table name.

New Index creation.JPG

Since we were facing problem with company code master data and when we put cube it was throwing error and dump saying datastate error. At the end we just entered

the SID(S) table instead of X table for company code object and free text and ran the program and it successfully built the index. Before this step we also dropped the index from the cube from where data was getting fetched.

Once master data object index got created successfully we rebuilt all the index again through RSDDV. We again carried out verification through RSRV similar steps as mentioned above.

Post this we run report and it worked correctly and it has brought all the missing WBS elements data in the BW report.

You can find all the BIA index related programs with RSDDTREX* in SE38 for any further analysis.

Programs related to BIA

BIA Programs.JPG

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