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Data clean up issues with BPLs in TDMS 3.0

We use TDMS 3.0 BPL to refresh data from one client (gold) to another (delivery) in our ECC 6.0 SP4 Training environment. However, we noticed that when an object, e.g., a project is refreshed from Client A  to client B,  elements of the already consumed project (in client B) that should be deleted, do not get deleted. So, the issue is, that you don’t get clean projects after the refresh.  To run BPLs, we typically:

1. Define RFC destinations

2. Create the BPL scenario

3. Start the crawler

4. Verify Scenario setup

5. Start Data extraction

Should we be deleting BPL objects before we start data extraction? I see this as an optional step in the process. Is this required for a clean data refresh?

thank you.

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  • Hello ,

    In TDMS BPL, data deletion is selective.

    Only the data selected for data transfer is deleted in the receiver system. Deletion uses the results of pre-selection for deleting data in relevant tables. Only the relevant data of tables that are participating in data transfer of selected BPL object are deleted.

            So you should run this optional activity to delete relevant data first in the receiver system.



    • Hi Pele,

      In TDMS BPL, Data deletion is optional.

      But as per your explanation, if you want to clean up your system before data transfer by TDMS, you can choose to execute the data deletion related activities.

      However, as Rajesh mentioned data deletion in BPL is selective and will only delete the data which is relevent for data transfer.

      In case you want complete receiver system to be refreshed, you can select other TDMS scenarios like “Client Deletion” package.

      In case you need more details about this package, please get back.



      • Hi Rupam,

        I included the deletion step, but it noticed that this function also deleted Master data which was associated with the objects that were being deleted. When the objects got re-extracted/replaced, the master data was not replaced. I don’t think I’ll be using this option in the future. Thanks for getting back, though.



        • Hi Pele,

          I understand your concern.

          The functionality that the deletion should only delete the data which is being transferred to the reeiver system. In your case it was not so.

          We need to investigate this in details.

          Please create and OSS message in  component CA-TDM-BPL.

          Also, open the connection to your sender, central and receiver systems and give details of the TDMS package which was executed when you faced this issue.

          Thanks and Regards,