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BPC Time dimension is maintained in format (20xx.JAN, 20xx.FEB, 20xx.MAR and so on) showing month instead of periods.

Time dimension as delivered in Apshell is on Calendar year basis i.e. Jan-Dec. There need to make some changes in the Time dimension to enable such Fiscal Year reporting (e.g. Apr-Mar) in BPC MS version.

In BPC 7, there is option to add parallel time hierarchy but the other hierarchy is just for reporting purpose and not for data input purpose.

For a Fiscal year starting for example with April, users are expecting Apr-Mar as time hierarchy and Apr as the first period of the year. If users are entering journal, they would like to have April as the 20xx.APR only showing the first period of the year.

Dimension Management

Following Time dimension properties are important for this purpose:

ISBEGINNING – This property is set as 1 for the first time member of the period. For Apr-Mar Fiscal year, 20xx.APR, 20xx.Q1, 20xx.Total members are assigned ISBEGINNING property value as 1. This property is added to Time dimension if not already maintained.

MONTHNUM – This property is set as 1 for first month (APR) and increased for the other months so as it is12 for last month (MAR)

ParentH1 – Hierarchy is modified to have Apr, May, Jun under first quarter and Jan, Feb, mar under fourth quarter.

Sample Time dimension file:

Sample Time Dimension.JPG

Once this is done, system would pick Apr as the first period. ISBEGINNING property will let system know the first month of year/quarter. This would also enable revised computation of measures as per the new hierarchy. Balance Carry Forward Function will also consider Balance Sheet items from MAR period to copy to APR period.

Time Dimension hierarchy will appear like this:

Time hierarchy.JPG


Below example will show, the data input and display of data based on the Fiscal Year Time hierarchy. We will also display the example of Balance Carry Forward.

For this How to Guide purpose, Application with YTD Input has been considered:

web admin.JPG

Data Entry

Data entered for the base periods through input schedule:

data entry.JPG

Report for the year including parent members of time dimension

data entry.JPG

Balance Carry Forward

Balance Carry forward function will be run for period APR which will copy period MAR data of the Previous Year.

Please refer to How to Guide on Balance Carry forward mentioned in the Appendix for details on Balance Carry Forward setup and run.

Data Manager Package Run

dm run.JPG

dm rslt.JPG

Results of Carry Forward


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