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Well…this is my first blog that I have ever written on any topic..

I hope that the topic and the thoughts that I am sharing now resonate with a small part of ABAPian world…(if not a large part)…I have been an ABAPian for almost 8 years now with experience in ABAP and ABAP webdynpro. Out of these 8 years, atleast form the last 4-5 years, there has been a constant niggle in my mind of whether I am working on a technology which can serve me in the future years…and the answer for it has always been in grey with a heavy shade of black. 

The main reason for this confusion has been that….after few years of ABAP experience, most of the developers feel that hey should move up the value chain and start understanding functional apsects of SAP. I am using the word ‘value chain’ becuase, in most of the projects, ABAP work is increasingly being considered as the least value bringing activity. This naturally drives developers towards functional areas to beocme functional consultants. I am not implying that it is a bad thing…but the reason behind this movement is. The ABAPians should not be made to feel tha they are working on part of the project which is brining least value.

The second reason fo the confusion is…the slew of new technologies that SAP is coming out with. What with HANA, River, ByDesign, Sybase mobility…ABAP is getting dwarfed and is being made to feel like a walkman in the world of iPods. There is not much happening in ABAP world to keep it’s mojo so that developer community is kept interested. Wherever you visit, be it SCN, SAP TechEd or any SAP events, there will not be a single ABAP topic which is highlighted. It seems that everyone wants to join the new technology bandwagon.

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  1. Former Member

    Regarding to the reputation of the developers in your project: just be self-confident enough to stand it.

    Software development is a craft not a job someon should look down on.

    Regarding to the development of ABAP: IMHO ABAP will stay the main language of SAP.

    But you have to learn, learn, learn also what’s new also.

    Regarding to Teched etc.: with the old stuff you can’t make any PR, promotion is always made with the new things.

    So hold your head high and go on with your work.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Anand,

    You are very much there. It is true in the world of SAP, ABAP is considered the least value adder in the project,but without them also not possibe to complete business project.

    I had been working on ABAP last 11 years having fun with it. Each time I work on WedDynpro or core ABAP, I try to do it in different ways. Most of the times I look for the code reusability along with performance enchacement .

    You need to provide various options to the business so that they will understand the value which you can added to the project and hence increasing your learning not only from functional side but also the business point of view.


  3. Tuncay Karaca

    It seems ABAP is considered not very valuable in people’s mind! But in real practical life, nobody can live without ABAPers. If somebody underestimates ABAP development, s/he will pay it.

    Ask an ABAPer’s value to a good functional consultant, they appreciate to work with a good ABAPer.

    Let’s plan a small ECC project:

    • Project Manager
    • Basis Consultant
    • FICO Consultant
    • SD Consultant
    • PP Consultant
    • MM/LE Consultant
    • ABAP Team Leader
      • ABAP Developer – 1
      • ABAP Developer – 2
      • ABAP Developer – 3
      • ABAP Developer – 4

    So keep up working as ABAPer and as Dadarao pointed out that look for new adventures in ABAP world!


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