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Dear Members,
As you all aware that SAP HANA is new BI Strategy and Roadmap for SAP and it is moving faster speed than expected. After many of my friends’ demand I decided to write some generic tips and helpful guidelines for available HANA Certification (HANA 1.0 SP03) at this point. Recently I have been certified and would like to share some thoughts:    
As you all know, HANA is the gateway for Innovative BI Strategy and SAP Roadmap. No more DB bottleneck and much more…. benefits or ROI (out of scope for this Blog). Also would like to make sure I am not crossing the boundary so these tips are very generic but very helpful for your next milestone (Certification in HANA 1.0 SP03 as of 20th April, 2012).
Please follow the following guidelines:
1. Your hands-on will play a big role in certification questions – either from SAP Sandbox, Partner training or SAP training programs….
2. TZHANA training material is good start but make sure you cover all the scopes of this Certification (many members already posted valuable tips and
documents in many places – I would suggest to Google it for more details or see LinkedIn HANA group (If you are member).
Take some extra precaution for each area – to make sure you have prepared well before facing all 80 questions:
1) Business Content = <8% – (Research on it – you will not find much in documents)  
2) Data Modeling = >12% (Lot of questions with mix and match with other areas too)
3) Data provisioning = >12% 
4) Optimization = 8-12%
5) Reporting = 8-12%
6) Security = <8% – (You need to be careful – be very clear and precise, prepare well)
  • Make sure to prepare mix and match questions for some areas (like 3 & 6; 2 & 6 is common combinations)
  • Read more about new/ongoing changes (like Persistency Layer, Data Replication etc….)
  • Make sure you are very clear with external interfaces with HANA systems (SQL, MDX, BICS) – which one runs at what scenario; ODBO/ODBC/JDBC configuration and capabilities…
  • Pay more attention on BO 4.0 & BODS feature and capabilities 
  • Make sure you are very clear about all BO 4.0 reporting tools (and think interfaces methods, IDT and other used components) & Excel features with HANA
  • Make sure you understand many analytical capabilities in HANA system itself

4. Focus on HANA internal components (Architecture inside HANA box, is very important) – must be very clear about each and every components and their role), it looks simple but try to go in details – each component plays crucial role (you will see complete architecture in some of the documents

I have suggested in end of this post – do not leave any components untouched)

5. Pay attention on multiple correct answers questions – need very precise knowledge about internal components (it is always known as classical

answers); Remember even you miss one right answer will make no score for any particular question – this is crucial in test

6. Do not forget, you prior experience (if you are from SAP BW background ECC –> BW –> BO) as well as many logical questions about SAP architecture and connectivity & applications (like RFC, iDoc,  COPA knowledge etc…) and how will it change with new HANA DB architecture – if you are seasoned SAP

Consultant and have worked on many full life cycle projects – definitely it is easier for you….

7. At last but not least; I would suggest, keep going with all questions but note down all in-doubt questions and re-visit with doubtful questions after you have completed all 80 questions. Once you will finish all 80 questions many doubts will get clear in test itself – I know 3 hours is too long but believe me you will get some bonus points before pushing final submit button in your test and chances are you will get good percentage too ๐Ÿ™‚  

Suggested links: 


SCN  Blog:

Couple of good books/documents:

Rest, I would like to say good luck and get ready for next milestone. 

I hope this blog will be helpful to your next journey of “Certification in HANA technology”.

Best Regards, 
Ravikar Prasad.
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  1. Former Member

    Thanks Ravi..good tips n tricks for someone who is willing to write the certification. Btw, could you post some sample questions on topic wise and we will ask other community members to add their part.

    In turn we will get a very good question bank for all HANA aspirants.

    1. Former Member Post author


      Simple questions from SAP give very fair idea about question pattern in all area:

      Other: I would suggest going through HANA Architect design (classical view) – is very useful for test questions

      Cover: more on modeling studio and data provisioning – and make sure security is well defined in this, pay attention on Replication & Persistence Layer (like page management, logger, savepoints etc…) area.


      I would suggest keep track with e-Learning and HANA development center link in this Blog.

      I hope this will give some additional help… 

      Best Regards,


  2. Former Member

    Good one Ravi, Just to add one more tip,

    Concentrate on all the process flows available in TZHANA. Sure questions on them.

    All the best for all the aspirants.

    I hoped that this “Blog” was a “document” so that everyone would have got a chance to add more and more tips to this. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Krishna Tangudu

  3. Former Member

    Dear Ravikar,

      I have few simple questions about the scope of the certificate exam. 

    1. Do I need to learn SQL script / R language / L language before attend the exam? 
    2. In your document, you mentioned that the exam covers BO 4.0.  How about BW?  Does the exam cover BW ?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Former Member Post author


      1. L-Lang/R-Lang is not necessary (good to understand for future need). SQL Script – I will say yes but more about general concept (don’t have to be an expert level). SQL script plays
      a major role in HANA DB (Like SQL script object with qualified schema, SQL
      script utilization in Calculation view, Type of SQL script, General SQL Script command,
      SQL Script in creation of Table, LOCK, MERGE (Concept), Understand privileges
      about SQL Command in HANA etc…) I would suggest a good understanding for SQL
      scripting is added advantages for HANA environment. 

      2. About BW – I do not think typical BW is scope of this exam. BW is recommended but not required. if your background is BW then you don’t need to worry otherwise be clear about BW
      component in HANA architecture rather than mastering in BW.

      Couple of tips (in terms of BW):

      • HANA does not require BW but BW (BW 7.3) can benefit with HANA DB 
      • Seamless integration with SAP (ECC, BW) & Non-SAP data with a single reporting tools (SAP BOBJ & MS Office Int.) in HANA environment

      I would also suggest checking latest scope (including SP04), however core concept is very important.

      I hope this will be helpful.


      Best of luck!




      1. Former Member


        Thanks a lot.  My background is ABAP development, and my knowledge to BW and BO is very limited.  Thanks for your reply.  It is very helpful.


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