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In case of any complaint or recall issue from the customer, then we need to track what are all the materials used to manufacture the lot and trace the same.

In Batch management, we can track the raw material used for production through batch by using MB56 (Batch where used list) or In BMBC (BATCH cockpit); where as in serial number, there is no provision to track like batch management.

For serial number managed material we need to create additionally AS Built Configurations to track the serial number.


Serial No 1.png

Once the production of the material is carried out

1) Create an Installed base – With reference to production data in COIB

Serial No 2.png

serial no 3.png

Enter the material and serial number and click explode

Serial No 4.png

After enter the component serial number and click transfer

serial no 5.png

Serial No 6.png

The same way we can create  a link for dependent material


Enter the material and serial number and click explode

Serial no 7.png

After entering serial number, click transfer

Serial no 8.png

And click the save button.

Serial no 9.png

Select the Create/Change as built in foreground

Serial no 10.png

2)  Once the material is returned back from the customer due to any complaint

Go to  IH20 or IH22

Serial no 11.png

Serial no 12.png

Enter the finish material no and serial number & execute

Serial no 13.png

You will find the installation base no.

With reference to installation base no, we can display the dependent material serial no linked with 300305

Go to IB53

Serial no 14.png

Serial no 15.png

And enter

Serial no 16.png

We can find the all the serial no of the dependent materials which is assigned to material 300305 & serial no 2.

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  1. Mangalraj Senthamaraikannan

    Dear Sundaresan,


    Good document which is related to an area where really people struggle to get some


    useful information…


    I hope this will be much useful to everyone..




    1. Former Member Post author

      Dear Mangal,


           Thanks a lot,  I am great fan of you.


      During my intial career in SAP, i have followed your answer in SCN, Thanks a lot of sharing your knowledge.





  2. Bhupendra Singh

    Hi Sundershan,

                          Congrat  for nice document on serial no. managemnt. But  post it as document so that if sone one would like to download, he would be able to do so.


    Bhupendra Singh

  3. Former Member

    Hi Sundaresan,



                         thanks for the your contribution, its nice to understand the serial no. management.

  4. Former Member

    HI Velayudham ,


                          Good doc you have posted. This is a major addressing of most of the PP related equipment/serial number GI/GR. I want to know whether this can be with different Serial numbers.PLz let me know.





      1. Former Member

        Dear Velayudam,


                                    In my scenario  I am issuing serial number to another serial number. Suppose, my FG will have one serial number (different ) and my BOm components will have different serial numbers. So that I can track my FG material-SERNR and SFG-SERNR relation. This way I want to test. Any way I am using standard classification to capture this data but want to check whether this is useful than updating in the Equipment type class for SFG SERNR.

        Appreciated your suggestions.





  5. Former Member

    Hi velayudam and other Gurus,


                                                        I have tested this in my development of ECC 6.0 with different SERNR and getting COIB015 error. I do not see any error message for this. Need to test in 4.7. Velayudam in which version I were succeeded ?




    1. Former Member Post author

      In OPK0- You can link the serial no assignment. while confirming the operation, you can link the serial no assignment or create a simple BDC for COIB transaction

        1. Former Member Post author

          In OPK0- select area selection


          In Area- select the serial no assignment, This assignment will link the As Build configuration of serialized assembly  in confirmation screen

          1. Monst Yang


            so the serial number assigment during confirmation is usually used for small production orders? if we have tens of production qty to confirm,then we should use BDC…

  6. Former Member

    Nice Work Sunderesan. I have a question.  You are entering serial number 2 of FG material for compoennets as well. How you track actual serail numbers of compeoennet then? Is this 2 used same for FG and compoenent for illustration purpose only? or it needs FG serial numbers at compoenent level? please clarify.




  7. Former Member


    Thanks for sharing this document.   How does this integrate with Production Order process. In other words, if we hab a production order to build the assembly and issue components of certain serial number and receive assembly with its serial number, can we still create install base as outlined in this document and co-exist?



    V Divakar

  8. Former Member


    i am working on SAP PP ,module can you help to trace the Production order serial number any TCODE for this ? ( if i want to check the hierarchy for same with the help of serial number)


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