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Installation and Deployment of SAP NetWeaver B2B Add-On in PI 7.11+

Since March, 2012, the B2B Add-On for Process Orchestration became available for customers.  The add-on is separately licensed software for B2B/EDI integration in SAP NetWeaver PI 7.11+.  You can find the details of the B2B Add-On in the blog,

This blog discusses the installation and deployment of the B2B Add-On in PI 7.11+.

  1. From, download the B2B Add-On:

    Installation and Upgrades –> A-Z Index –> P –> PI B2B ADDON –> PI B2B ADDON 1.0 –> Installation


  2. From the downloaded ZIP file, extract the file, XI7_11_B2B_TOOLKIT_1.0_00_00.tpz, from the directory “B2BTOOLKIT1000_0” within the ZIP file.  This file contains the metadata for the adapters.
  3. Import XI7_11_B2B_TOOLKIT_1.0_00_00.tpz into the ESR.
    1. Tools –> Import Design Objects…



    2. After import, you should see the following SWCV in the ESR:


  4. Use JSPM to deploy the adapters in the JEE server.
    1. From the content of the ZIP file, move the SCA files to the “in” directory of JSPM:


    2. Start JSPM from the PI server installation directory:


    3. Logon with an administration userid:


    4. Select “New Software Components”, and click “Next”:


    5. The components in the queue will be displayed.  Click “Next”:


    6. Verify the components to be deployed.  Click “Start”:


    7. Status showing components deployed.  You can further verify by clicking on the “Deployed Components” tab.  Click “Exit”.


  5. In the Integration Directory, the B2B adapters will be displayed when creating a communication channel.


  6. Post Installation.

    Depending on the components to be used, the following procedures may be required:

    1. Import the XI7_11_B2B_MAPPING_KIT_1.0_00_00.tpz file into ESR, following the same steps as #3 above.  The .tpz file can be found in the B2BMAPPINGKIT1000_0 directory.

      After import, we should see the following:


    2. Import the Archiving Mapping JAR file into the ESR.  The JAR file is needed for the Java Mapping to function the Archiver Module.

      1. The JAR file,, can be found in the PIB2BCONTENT00_0.ZIP file.  As an example, to import the the JAR file in the following SWCV and namespace, right-click on the namespace and select “New”:


      2. Enter a name for the archive:


      3. Enter the file path/name:


      4. After import:


    3. Extract the .B2B files from file.

      The .B2B files have to be un-zipped and saved in the developer/administrator work- station. This should be used for the various EDI-XML converters. You can see the names of the available B2B files below. All the files below have to be installed for full functionality.

    4. B2B_EDI_TABLES-<v 1.0>.b2b
    5. B2B_X12_TABLES-<v 1.0>.b2b
    6. B2B_VDA_TABLES-<v 1.0>.b2b
    7. B2B_TRA_TABLES-<v 1.0>.b2b
    8. B2B_ODE_TABLES-<v 1.0>.b2b
    9. B2B_PLA_TABLES-<v 1.0>.b2b
    10. NOTE: This step is only for the EDI-XML Converter modules which is a part of the Business to Business Add-On 1.0. For more information on how to import, see Configuration guide of EDI- XML Converter.

    11. Extract the XSD content from the file. It provides the service interfaces for different EDI formats and versions. The .XSD files have to be un-zipped and saved in the developer/administrator work- station.

      NOTE: XSDs provided by SAP are bulk and you must not import/use all XSDs in ESR. It is advised and recommended to use XSDs only for those EDI message types/versions/transactions which will be used in the business scenarios.

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      Author's profile photo Bhavesh Kantilal
      Bhavesh Kantilal

      Hello Bill,

      Is there a list of all the EDI Standards and EDI to XML / XML to EDI Mapping conversions supported by SAP out of the box.

      Users of Seeburger would know that not all EDI to XML and XML to EDI Mappings are provided by Seeburger out of the box and customers are expected to use the Seeburger BIC tool to manually create these maps.

      Would also be curious to undestand if capabilities like EDI Message Tracking, 997 Tracking etc are available out of the box. Is downloading the Software the only way to get the documentation on this?

      appreciate any inputs you can give on this!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Bhavesh,

      There is nothing supported out-of-box.  The B2B Add-On, licensed separately, contains the various EDI adapters, user-modules and mappings.

      SFTP adapter and PGP user-module, although not EDI-related, but still used by many for B2B messaging, are now included with PI 7.11+ without additional cost.  The adapter and user-module are not included in the standard PI installation.  Howeer, you can download them from Service Marketplace if you have an existing PI license.



      Author's profile photo Piyush Gakhar
      Piyush Gakhar

      Hello Bhavesh,

      There ia a list of EDI standards (almost all widely used) for which SAP is shipping XSDs (for different message types, versions, transaction sets etc) that can be directly used in ESR in case you want to use the standard as-is. You can find the details on SCN.

      In next months, documentation will be available on Currently, it is available only with product download. Stay tuned for various information guides on SCN.



      Author's profile photo Saurabh Kumbhare
      Saurabh Kumbhare

      Hi All,

      Has SAP delivered the EAN .b2b files as well. If yes, from what Service Pack are these files available.


      Saurabh Kumbhare

      Author's profile photo Dimitri Sannen
      Dimitri Sannen

      You have to be on SP2 for EANCOM support.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Expert:

      Two years ago we import EDI Content by EDI Content Manager. For some issue basis teme asked to undeploy these EDI instlled before.I can't find any suggestion from SAP Forum. Have you any suggestion? Thanks for your help.