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In my previous blog Install and configure NetWeaver PI 7.3 Decentralize Adapter part-1 I discussed the installation part.

Now I would like to show the post step configuration.

Unlike previous versions, in NW7.3 we have Configuration Wizard which takes care of most of the configurational activity by itself, we just need to provide required information.

To start the Wizard we need to login to NWD with Administrator ID  http://<hostname>5<nn>00/nwa

goto Configuration tab and click on Configuration Wizard.



Now on the above screen click on “Functional Unit Configuration UI”


Then you need to select Advanced Adapter Engine (AF)

By selecting this component, it will automatically select related components as you can see in above screenshot.


Provide the passwords.


Select the option “Use an existing remote SLD” and provide related User IDs and password from your actual SLD system, which will be the same SLD where all your PI 7.3 components are registered already.

In case if you get error with User ID and password, you can use pisuper for SLD Data supplier User




Now you can login to your SLD system and check the PI category and there you will find entry for your Adapter Engine. In case if you are not able to view the entry here, you should go to your adapter server URL http://<AE_hostname>:5<nn>00/exchangeProfile

and check for hostname for SLD and there should be FQDN for SLD hostname


in AS Java Category you will find entry for the Advance Adapter SID


Now goto your PI server http://<PI_hostname>:5<nn>00/rwb/index.jsp

Click on “SLD Registration” in the Non-Central Components you should see the entry for newly installed Decentral Adapter Engine. If the entry is not present then you need to check for the Domain name of the Decentral Adapter, Domain name should be same as rest of the systems in PI system.


Hope this will be of help to some of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

and this is completion of my previous blog.

Install and configure NetWeaver PI 7.3 Decentralize Adapter part-1


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