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How to Configure Solution Manager 7.1 Time Recording

Last year I wrote a previous document at covering Solution Manager 7.0 Enhancement Package 1. This version now covers Solution Manager 7.1

Purpose: To enter and track support time / effort on Incident tickets on the new WebClient UI SM_CRM.  Using the Solution Manager Service Desk scenario, you can measure how long it takes to resolve incidents.  Note these steps were written on Solution Manager 7.1 SP4.


After following these steps, you are set up for time recording in Solution Manager Incident Management.

In the IMG, go to SAP Solution Manager -> Capabilities (Optional) -> Application Incident Management (Service Desk) -> Time Recording -> Specify Activity Description Enter transaction SPRO


Navigate to Time Recording > Specify Activity Description


Select profile SOLMANPRO

Double click on Activity Description


Enter as many activity descriptions as desired and click SAVE


Next, enter Specify Initial Time Unit Value


Select minutes or hours as a default

Click SAVE



Select Activate Time Recording

Select Action Profile SMIN_STD


Ensure that SMIN_STD_TIME_REMIND and SMIN_STD_REMIND_MANUAL are inactive so users are reminded to enter time on incident messages.  Click SAVE.

Now select Set Up Reminder activity


Enter your 7.1 transaction type – e.g. ZMIN or SMIN. 

You have 3 options:

1) Inactive – no reminder

2) S = Active with Status Change – any time you change the status of an incident, you are prompted to enter time.

3) X = Active with each change.

Instead of going through the IMG you can also configure this via SM30, view AISDK_TR_REMIND

Now you need to have it display in your web client UI.

Go to the web client UI transaction SM_CRM

Follow the steps outlines in SAP Help here:

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  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for the sharing, We have some challenges to acheive this in real time client env.

    like if the message are kept on hold under customer action in reporter inbox.(might be reporter gone for leave), later some time he come and report the message back to support team.

    does the total effort includs the status of customer action ? we want only the time of tickets under the support team assigned with the processor

    How can we acheive this? please guide here?



    • Hi Jansi – thank you for taking the time to read and comment

      You can configure it for different activities – I will check on your other questions later (I am working on a production issue myself)

      To answer your question – it is whoever enters time.  I read where you could limit it to the 1 person or multiple people. 

      I am not sure you can include tickets only assigned with the processor.

      We are using this feature quite a bit in 7.0 – it helps track why our support team cannot work on change requests, if they are spending 20 hours in support.

      I will check on your questions later.  Thank you for all of your contributions!


    • Jansi – did you see this in the help:

      It says “

      If your user has the role Support Employee in SAP Solution Manager, you can only display and change times that you recorded for a message yourself.

      If your user has the role Administrator in SAP Solution Manager, you can also display all the times recorded for a message by other processors and record times for another person.”

      For more information see the Installation Guides 🙂

      Not sure if this helps or meets your requirement.  We do not have this requirement as we are a small shop.


  • Hello again Tammy, thanks for that guide, it’s perfect¡

    After some hours trying to activate support time effort(ITSM time recording) following IMG set up process, and checked after with your guide i get some problems to use time recording.

    I am working with a Solution Manager 7.10 SP05, i have reproduce all steps that you indicate with the difference that beside to use SOLMAPRO bussines rol i use a copy of that Z_SOLMANPRO.

    The user’s that I´m using for testing ITSM time recording have user parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE = Z_SOLMANPRO, so they can access to crm webui, and see time recording frame.

    The problem that i found is:

    – I can’ t get time recording activities maintained on Z_SOLMANPRO (Z copy).

    – I can select time recording activities if are maintaines on SOLMANPRO, and only if i select the flag with status flagged for each activities.  (on IMG help screen near “Specify Activity Description” you can see that this flag is not in use)

    I’m really frustrated with that ;-), why solman do that ?

    do you know any explication for that ?

    Best Regards,


    • Lluis Salvador Suarez

      I am sorry to hear about your troubles.  Would you please do me a big favor and post this as a question in the discussion forum?  A simple cut & paste should do.

      I totally used out of the box functionality in terms of roles and CRM profiles so I am not sure I can assist; perhaps others can?

      Best of luck – I will try to search around myself for you.



    • Thank you Lluis

      Solved the problem by updating CRM_UI_PROFILE on transaction DNO_CUST04, field IC_WC_DEFAULT_PROFILE Z with the custom webprofile (e.g. SOLMANPRO or Z_SOLMANPRO) that the activities were registered.

      Sem título.png

    • Hello Kamil – I am not an expert in SolMan security so I recommend creating a new discussion in the Solution Manager space for your question.

      Thank you,


  • hi tammy

    i have configure time recording as per your guidance everything is working fine but the  users can’t getting reminded to enter time on incident messages what  .


    vivek rawat

    • Hi Vivek,

      I am sorry to hear that.

      I recommend creating a new discussion thread and perhaps others in the community may help.

  • Hi Tammy,

    Currently, as a request from our customer, they want to see Time Recording in the screen of Key-User when he open a processing ticket.

    Is it possible to do that? Because I can only see Time Recording assignment block from screen UI of SOLMANPRO business role.

    Is that standard of SAP? Or we could customize it?


    Loc Nguyen

  • Review SAP Note 1483276 – Use of Customizing Parameters in ……


    Defines the CRM business role that is to be used for time recording activity descriptions. For more information, see SAP Note 1931723.

  • In case of using a custom transaction type, like ZMIN, and the system does not enable time recording, it is necessary to include a role with authorization object SM_TIMEREP with the value ZMIN on field PRTYPE.Sem título.png

  • Hi everyone,

    I manage to get the report from the hours logged. However, I cannot find anywhere WHO logged the hours… I need to have a report with logged hours per ticket and per employee… Anyone?